The Straight Out of A Comic Book Workout

February 3rd

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelley

Martial Artist


He began his athletic career at Bourbon County High School in Paris, Kentucky, competing in basketball, football, and track and field. He attended the University of Louisville on a football scholarship but left after a coach referred to a black teammate with a racial slur during his first year. Instead, he began to study Shorin-Ryu karate.

Kelly began his martial arts career under Sin Kwang the' (Shaolin-Do) tutelage in Lexington, Kentucky. He trained in Okinawan karate under Parker Shelton, Nate Patton, and Gordon Doversola. During the early 1970s, Kelly became one of the most decorated world karate champions in the sport. In 1971, he won four prestigious championships that same year, most notably, the World Middleweight Karate title at the 1971 Long Beach International Karate Championships. Kelly opened his dojo, which was frequented by numerous Hollywood celebrities, which ultimately landed him in the movies.

In addition to his martial arts and film career, He played amateur tennis in the 1970s at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. In 1975, he joined the USTA Senior Men's Circuit. He ultimately reached the No. 2 ranking in senior men's doubles in California and the top ten in the state in senior men's singles. Later in life, he became the owner and director of a tennis club in San Diego.

The Straight Out of a Comic Book Workout

Based on Enter the Dragon Release Date (8/19/1973)

 8 Burpees

19 Bicep Curls

19 Shoulder Presses

7 Goblet Grip Squats

3 Jumping Jacks

(5 Rounds)