Battle Rope Bike Workout

After a long day at the gym I decided to try a new workout. I combined the battle ropes with the exercise bike to get a new look on two workouts. Before you try this routine. Make sure you set the seat height by using raising the seat up to your hip. Make sure your knees don't lock out when you pedal. As you pedal grab the battle ropes and start the routine. Make sure your abs are braced. Your chest should be up.

Workout Breakdown:

Exercise #1: Double Battle Rope Slams

Exercise #2: Alternating Battle Ropes Slams

Exercise #3: Lateral Battle Rope Slams

Repeat each exercise for 30 seconds for 4 rounds. The whole drill should take 6 minutes

Equipment needed:

A Spin Bike

Battle Ropes (any length)

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