Crazy Core Workout

There are hundreds of way to work your core. I believe in using medicine balls to work your core as well as just pure body weight. Here are three of my best core routines to help you build a strong six pack.

Crazy Core Workout #1

This 7 exercise circuit incorporates all of your abdominal muscles for one core shredding workout.

The only piece of equipment you need is a medicine ball (pick a weight that you are comfortable with.

1. Russian Twists

2. Through the legs

3. Toe Touch

4. Around the legs

5. Sit up the Press

6. Alternating Toe Touches

7. V Crunch

Try to complete this circuit as many times as you can in 300 seconds (5 minutes)

Crazy Core Workout #2:

This routine focuses on the lower abdominals, hip adductors, abductors, and the full body with the last exercise.

Workout breakdown:

1. Medicine Ball Leg Lifts

2. Medicine Ball Knee Tucks

3. Medicine Ball V Crunches 

4. Medicine Ball Push Ups

(4 Sets of 25 Reps)


Crazy Workout #3:

This workout combines pull ups and lower body core exercises.

Routine breakdown:

Place a medicine ball in between your feet. Start with a pull up, then transition into a knee tuck, and then into a leg lit. Complete the circuit for 5 reps.

Make sure you keep the medicine ball squeezed between your feet.

Rest and Repeat for 10 Rounds and a total of 50 reps.




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