Every Workout Has A Story

A workout is more than just a way to get your body moving with the intention on getting in shape. A workout is a story. It is a story of good vs evil. A workout is a tale of triumph, a tale of overcoming adversity and every story ends after your cool down and starts again in your next warm up. The key to getting in shape is how many stories make up the book of your workout life. When I started my workout journey I started with a basketball in my hand. Like most kids in the 90’s I was influenced by two people. Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson. I wanted to do 2 things. Play basketball and fight. Since fighting wasn’t as accepted as basketball I stuck with hooping. I trained daily. I ran close to 5 miles a day, I walked around with a 20lb weight vest,

and a pair of Jumpsoles on my feet. Everyone at Pasadena High School from 1999-2003 remembers the short kid with the afro walking through the halls wit the crazy platform shoes.

These training tactics became a lifestyle to me, and they shaped how my story as an athlete began. The Workout Mixes and Basketball Mixes originated from me recording myself dunking a basketball. This was back in the day when YouTube was just getting started, and to watch free videos you had to download them from Limewire (aka HIV for your computer LOL). I loved watching myself dunk (very arrogant, I know), but I also wanted to show the process that gave me the ability to dunk. Once I entered college in 2004 I started to take working out seriously. My basketball Coach Bill Rocky Moore introduced me to weight lifting, and college basketball at Pasadena City College introduce me to more intense ways to train. My boys Eric Smalling and Robert Weaver were my first camera guys, and without them I would have never been able to come up with my first basketball mix.

After uploading my first basketball mix on YouTube I decided to start recording the workouts that I used for basketball. I’m a huge Rocky fan and the training montages in those movies were more than just workout clips, they were shorts stories of fitness that inspired you to get off your ass and get in the gym.

I called up my boy Rob to help me record my first workout video. He gave me the idea for the song to use and set the direction of the entire video. I grabbed a few pieces of equipment that I had, grabbed my backpack and we headed down to Pasadena City College. The entire video was recorded on a Samsung Galaxy 3. It was raw, and it was the intro to my fitness story.


After my first Workout Mix I enlisted the help of my boy Eric to help me with my second mix. For this mix I decided to use some more motivational content. I was back from playing Basketball in Texas for the United Basketball League and I had decided to pursue fitness as my career. I was listening to a lot of Eric Thomas at the time, and I started to invest the same time I invested into basketball solely into my workouts.  We headed to Loma Alta Park, and shot my second workout mix.

Over the next year I put out more workout mixes. I also started recording some of my rec league basketball games, and I started to put out more basketball mixes. Superstar Basketball League had become my hub for playing ball. At the same time, I had started Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness which was my personal training business at the time. I started recording my clients, and in 2012 I ran my first Spartan Race. This race took me to a new level of fitness. It changed my mind. It also changed the way I trained.

I never gave up basketball I just put it off to the side. In 2012 I got the opportunity to play against the Ball Up Streetball team. Luckily the game made it to Fox Sports West and that gave me an opportunity to create my next basketball mix.


I returned to 24 Hour Fitness as a personal trainer in 2013. I had been on my own for years, and the struggle was epic. I was in the process of getting married to my wife Brandi, and I knew I had to find a way to make this fitness thing work. The next couple of workout mixes reflected how working out became more than just a lifestyle, but a means for survival.


In 2015 I added Group Exercise Instructor to my resume. My first fitness class that I taught was a boxing class at Title Boxing Club. I was re-introduced to my love for boxing and now I could combine it with fitness to make money. I would lead close to 12 classes a week, and I really got a chance to let my creativity shin through fitness. At this point in my life I new my calling was to teach fitness to as many people as I could, and that feat could only be achieved through group exercise. 

While my boxing instructor career was taking off 24 Hour Fitness blessed me with more opportunities to expand my career as a Group Exercise Instructor.  I acquired certification in Cycling, Sand Bell Training, Insanity, Boot Camp, and the hardest but most fulfilling Les Mills Body Pump.


This led to me becoming a Fitness Manager in 2016. After years of putting out Workout Mixes and Basketball Mixes I looked back at the stories that shaped my fitness journey, and I decided that I wanted to tell a true story of fitness. I continued to put out or more workout mixes. Each mix told a different tale of my fitness level. Each workout story showcased my growth. 


As a long-time comic book fan, I was fascinated by super heroes. In fitness you workout to achieve the body of a super hero.

The wheels in my head started to spin. My latest fitness accomplishment came from the race that changed my viewpoint on fitness. In 2017, 24 Hour Fitness partnered with Spartan Race. At this time, I had already completed 7 races and earned a Trifecta medal. This was a dream come true.


On October 15, 2018 I became a Spartan SGX coach and I was blessed to lead 2 workouts in the 2018 Spartan Workout Tour.  My fitness story has many chapters, and they will continue for as long as I have the energy to fuel them. Stay tuned for the next chapter in my workout journey.

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