Jump Mastery is all about developing the muscles needed to get into the air. In this workout I used some equipment provided by Penalty Box and Rollga Health to create a routine that would develop my quickness, agility and lower leg jumping muscles (calves, ankles and shins).

The routine starts with some agility warm ups;

Forward In & Outs

Lateral Icky Shuffles

Alt. Feet In & Outs

4 Square Jumps

One Leg Hops

I did this for 30 seconds each for 3 Rounds.

The workout was then followed by;

5 One Foot Hops

5 Burpee to Lat. Hops with 20lb Dumbbells

5 Push Up Hops

5 Regular Lat. Hops.

Repeat for 5 Rounds.

The routine ended with some foam rolling of the hips, calves, glutes and back. This routine is one that will definitively be added to other routines.

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