Iron Man 1 on 1 Basketball

Iron Man 1 on 1 is one on one basketball for hoop warriors.
It's the perfect combination of cardiovascular and calisthenics workouts:

• 3 games series up to 3
• Losers Ball (always)
• Missed shot = 10 push up penalty
• Your opponent scores on you = 15 Push up penalty
• Fouls= 5 push ups for both players
• Turnovers, steals or blocked shots= 20 push up penalty
• Lose a game in the series= 20 push ups
• Lose the entire series= 30 push ups
• Lose all three games in the series =50 push ups
• Getting skunked! (you are scoreless at the end of a game)= 50 push ups

This game is about physical and mental toughness, focus, concentration, and execution. This game will teach you how to perform while fatigued, and it will push you to take your game to another level.

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