Keep Playing David! The story behind my Workout Mix #23

One day I was in the living room listening to a TD Jakes sermon titled:
"God will show you why you had to endure what you went through"

Watch the sermon here👇🏿👇🏿
(Fast forward to 51:00)

There is a portion of the sermon that talks about how King David from the Bible aquired his kingdom in the midst of a ton of adversity.

This sermon made me think about my career as a personal trainer, and fitness manager. Right now I am blessed to represent 24 Hour Fitness on their media outlets. I have achieved the rank of Master Trainer, and Fitness Manager. My little club in Pasadena has made some major noise in the company, and I have watched numerous trainers grow into outstanding fitness professionals. As a fitness leader I take pride in showing my trainers that no matter where they start in their career it can lead to success.

The reason why this sermon spoke to me was because my career as a fitness professional started, and almost ended in 6 months.

When I began my career as a trainer in 2011 there was a performance review written about me by a manager that stated;

"I needed to work on my session quality and I had unrealistic goals for my business."

The review also has a timeline that listed me as one of the trainers that would be off the team by the beginning of the next year.

At the time these were true statements. My first ever personal training session caused a member to not return to our gym. My first client asked for a refund, and I even left the company to pursue other opportunities.

This is not the ideal start for a Fitness Manager in my company, but this rocky start did nothing but allow me to become the trainer, and Fitness Leader I am today.

Over the next 2 years I studied my craft religiously. I ignored the chatter that was swirling around about my choice of career, and I trained myself just like I would train a potential client. I obtained an additional personal training certification and returned back to 24 Hour Fitness.

In those next 2 years from 2013-2015 I obtained 4 more certifications, serviced  over 1500 sessions, and taught close to 200 group exercise classes in 3 different formats. I absorbed knowledge from multiple Master Trainers, and I even took a quick break from personal training to become a sales advisor. Eventually I was presented with the opportunity to be a Fitness Manager for the company.

When I accepted the role I had one goal. To develop any trainer who worked under me to be the best trainer they could possibly be. In 2018 I was blessed to become a Spartan SGX Coach and I was given the honor to host 2 of the 24 Hour Fitness Spartan Workouts. I was also chosen to represent the brand on the 24 Go App, and other media outlets.

This video sums up how I went from almost  giving up personal training as a career to reaching fitness heights I never imagined. The workouts that are displayed in the video are symbolic to how the process of building my body led to development of a successful career. I am blessed to make a living doing something that I have been doing my entire life.

This video is just the start and I will be doing much more as my career goes on. Thank you for watching the video, if you haven't watched it yet go watch it now.

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