No Cheat Meals: Its deeper than just messing up your diet.

There is no such thing as cheat meals. In my opinion a cheat meal is the equivalent of cheating on your spouse.

Cheating on your diet sets you up for failure. It puts a weak spot in the healthy internal armor you are developing for your body. Changing your diet is a lifestyle change. Allowing yourself a cheat meal is the equivalent of allowing yourself to fail.
When you have a goal that needs to be reached the last thing you want to do is give yourself an outlet to miss your goal.

Imagine if you decided to have a cheat day on your spouse. How long will your marrige last afterwards. How strong will the union be between you and your signifigant other? Not strong at all.
The same concept applies to adding cheat meals to your diet. That one small undisciplined moment will lead to a snowball effect that drags you down from the goal of living a healthy life.

Now this may be very extreme but its important to understand that you have to take cheating out of your mind. Cheating on something as small as your diet can lead to cheating in other areas. I used a spouse as an example because that is the most relevant analogy I can use. Cheating on a diet can lead to cheating on tests, cutting corners at your job, or just cheating yourself out of an opportunity to see what your actual potential is.

The simple solution is not to cheat, but that is difficult to do. Especially on a diet when there are so many tasty temptations luring you away from healthy choices. The best way to train your mind in this area is to imagine that treat that you decide to eat because is your so called "cheat day" could be the one thing that ruins your entire diet. Imagine that treat is the first step back to gaining all the hard earned weight you loss. Do you still want to eat it? If so, go ahead. Yes nothing may happen, but what if something does? Can you live with that decision? Do you think it will be easier just to say no, and not cheat?

These would be the questions you would ask yourself if that tasty treat wasn't a cookie or a bag of chips, but a sexy woman or man luring you to their bedroom for just "one night away from your spouse." Think about how much damage that one night would do to your relationship.

Sometimes staying on track may be hard, so imagine that your on a one way bridge to your goal with no guard rails, and on either side of the bridge the ground below is made of quicksand. How dedicated would you be to stay on course then?

Now I understand mistakes happen. I also understand moments of weakness, but lets not schedule moments where we can be weak. When you create a workout routine you have rest days, but that is so your body can repair. Cheat days in your diet make your system work harder. These days are like saying for my rest day from a hard workout I'm going to run 15 miles with a 40lb weight vest on. That's the complete opposite of what your body needs. Diets can be hard, and although I do NOT believe in the whole 20% gym 80% kitchen BS I do believe that a diet should be implemented as a lifestyle change, and you cant change your lifestyle with cheat days.

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