Pick 5 Master 5 Challenge #1: Body Weight Blast


This challenge is all about mastering the 5 selected exercises. The benefit of this challenge is that you can go at your own pace, and you are your own competition. First you want to record your start date on a piece of paper. Then put down a space for your end date. To see how you progress, repeat the challenge and see if you can complete the challenge faster than you did the first time. Set daily goals to meet. If you do 10 push ups one day, see if you can do 15 the next day. Since this challenge is all about reps you will only have a rep goal (other challenges have weight goals). Here are your 5 exercises.

Push Ups
Pull Ups
AB Rollouts (AB Wheel needed)

Rep Goal: 5,000 completed reps of each exercise.

Track Your Progress.

Tracking your progress is key to completing this challenge. Right down the 5 exercises on a notebook. Write the start date at the top. Next record all of the reps completed until you reach 5000. Once you reach the 5000 reps in all of the categories, write down the end date. Repeat the challenge, and see if you can complete it faster then you did the first time.

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