Losing fat is not the same as losing weight. You can lose 10lbs in 2 days and most of it will be water weight which can lead to dehydration. Some of it will be muscle loss which will lead to muscle fatigue and then a very small percentage of that is actual fat loss.

#5: Split Your Meals

Diet plans lead with the word "DIE". The reason for that is because your hopes of reaching you goal die when you put them all into a preset schedule of what and when you can eat. The easiest way to lose weight is to eat less and move more, but before we get to the movement part lets focus on eating less. Instead of giving up on all your favorite foods try "splitting your meals." This is the easiest way to create portion control habits without committing to a strict diet.

The way you do this is take whatever meal you want to eat (breakfast, lunch or dinner), and then split them in half. This way you get to eat your favorite food and you have control over your portions. Now you can eat guilt free, and free up mental energy to start your workout. You also won't be as full which cuts down on that lethargic feeling after heavy meals or the "itis" (a term my people use for falling asleep after large meals.)

The last benefit is the boost of energy you get from eating smaller meals because food is a fuel source, but over fueling can lead to a slow down in your body (remember the "itis") and that slow down makes your body focus on digestion instead of burning fat. Hence the weight gain.

#4: Change your words

When you start your weight loss journey, start by taking out the word weight and insert the word fat. Then write it down. The act of writing and seeing your goal will help to etch that goal in your mind.

After you have done this, figure out the amount of fat you want to lose. This is usually done by checking your body fat percentage. The easiest way to do that is to buy a handheld body fat calculator. Don’t worry about the accuracy just focus on the number, and decreasing that number.

#3: Increase your daily burn

How many calories do you burn in a day? If you don't know then you have found the reason why you cant lose fat. Losing fat can be broken down into a simple equation;

More calories burned than consumed = fat loss.

Simple right.

Not at all.

The problem with most people is they focus on cutting calories instead of increasing the amount of calories they burn. For example, if you eat a 500 calorie lunch then drive back to work. Then take the elevator to your desk and sit down you may have only burned 90 calories. This means you have 410 additional calories in your body that have a high potential of being converted to fat.

A quick fix for this would be to easily just increase the amount of calories you burn. If you know you're going to eat a 500 calorie lunch, don’t stress out over the meal. Choose to walk down to your lunch spot, and walk back. If its not far from the job walk around the block first before heading back to work. Next if you have stairs at your job take the stairs, if not or you work on the first floor do some light stretching at your desk and complete some of your tasks standing. This way your leg muscles have to engage and burn a little more calories.

This small strategy will help you to minimize some of the calories added from lunch and it will help your energy levels as well. Movement leads to blood flow which leads to more energy.

#2: Drink more water.

Water helps to flush your system and it allows you to eliminate some unnecessary waste that can be lingering in your body. Clearing this waste out also gives your liver, kidneys and digestive system the support to clear out waste more efficiently.

Imagine your body as a car engine and you have sludge in it. How much better does that engine run without the sludge?

Sometimes all you need is a good flush and you will get rid of a couple of those unnecessary fat pounds.

#1: Put the fork down and push yourself away from the table.

It sounds brash, but it is the simple truth. You want to burn fat. Stop eating so much! Humans were designed to eat for survival. Now that technology has taken over the world we eat for pleasure instead of performance. Social gatherings promote heavy eating, and that has lead to a world that welcomes fat gain.

If you want to burn fat fast, eat when you're hungry only. Eating is to add fuel to your body not to make you feel good, or to pass time.

If you were looking for a push to start your fat loss journey. Start by pushing yourself away from the table.

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