Hectic Hundreds Rep System 1: The Hectic Hundreds 4 Quarters

The Hectic Hundreds 4 Quarters is precisely what the rep system's title says. It's four quarters of work, 25 reps for four sets. This rep system is excellent because it lets you quickly get reps using lighter weights.

The tempo used in this rep system is 1:1, which means 1 starts the rep, 0 seconds hold, and 1 completes the rep.

For example, during a push-up, you would drop down for 1 second, hold for 0 seconds, then push yourself back to the starting point for 1 second. The purpose of this rep system is to flow through each rep while maintaining proper form.

The challenge in this rep system is completing the 25 reps without stopping. This phase is where you develop strength, and it's not about ego lifting. As you transition through this phase, you will gain enough strength to move on to the next training phase.

The Hectic Hundreds 4 Quarters

4 Sets: 25 Reps Tempo: 1:0:1