Step Five: Lift Something Heavy Until It Becomes Light.

In the same way, you can lift a 5lb weight 1000 times to get stronger; you can lift a 100lb weight once and lift it every day until you can lift it 100 times. Getting strong requires you to push past your limits. To do that, you must change your approach to completing specific exercises.

For example, after months of Training to get strong by lifting light weights and moving up each week, there will be a weight too heavy to lift. When this weight is reached, you will utilize the muscle memory you developed in the previous method to approach the weight properly.

Even with perfect form, this weight cannot be moved. It would help if you lifted that same weight every day until that 100lbs begins to feel like 5lbs. That is when you utilize the mindset of lifting something heavy until it becomes light.

Imagine this process as pushing a boulder down a path leading to a life-changing fortune. The boulder starts too heavy to move, and you can only get it to budge a few inches; after multiple attempts, you begin to move a few feet, the few feet then turn into yards, and before you know it, you have moved that boulder out of your path, and are now able to collect your fortune.

The boulder is the heavyweight or your goal weight in this scenario. The path is your 5-exercise journey, and fortune is the new strength you will develop when you finally move that boulder out of your path.

I have used this theory with my clients for over a decade, and they have all seen excellent results, from size gains to weight loss to general strength gains. I believe so strongly in this theory that I made it a precursor to my workout program, The Hero Training Program.

I know some pessimists may say there is no shortcut to getting strong, and my response to them is to try this theory out and see if it works.