The Hectic Hundreds

These methods will make your job ten times easier. You can apply these methods to all your clients; if you are a seasoned veteran, you can use these techniques to shake up your client's already effective routines.

I've been a certified fitness professional for over a decade, and I’ve tried hundreds of training methods to get my clients in shape. While trying these methods, I stumbled across three proven exercise rep systems that made everyone I trained:

*Gain strength fast.

*Maintain that strength

*Build more power on top of that strength.

Before I go into The Hectic Hundreds Rep Systems, let's review the fitness definition of a rep and a set. A rep or repetition is the number of times you perform an exercise in a set.

A set is a group of reps completed sequentially during a workout.

The Hectic Hundreds Rep System is a 100-rep system designed to develop strength and power.

What's the difference between strength and power?

In fitness terms, strength is lifting a certain amount of weight for many repetitions. Power is the ability to lift a large amount of weight for a small number of reps. Most of my clients had vague strength-gain goals. The goals range from I want more muscular legs to the popular "I want a strong core."

These goals made measuring my client's progress difficult, so I created these three rep systems to help me determine when it was time to move up in weight. Usually, the correct time to increase the weight in a routine is when the exercise seems too easy for a client or yourself. I wouldn’t say I liked this method because it meant making a judgment call on most of my clients. I had to make an educated guess on when it was time for them to increase their weight, which seemed like a recipe for injury. I created the three rep systems to start my clients off light enough to avoid injury and give them goals to hit so they felt accomplished in each session.

The process of completing 100 reps also helped my clients see their progress. It gave me a reliable indicator of when I could safely increase an exercise's weight or progress to a more advanced version. The results I saw in my clients showed that the hectic hundreds system was working.

The Hectic Hundreds Breakdown

The Hectic Hundreds Rep System will help you achieve both strength and power in a short amount of time. This process is not based on science but on simple practice. In fitness, we don't see working out as exercise practice; we only see it as necessary to get stronger. When we switch our minds to treat our workouts as practice, we can apply an athlete's mindset to any exercise routine. For example, a great shooter in basketball takes thousands of shots daily to master the art of shooting a basketball.

The same goes for a boxer who practices his punches daily to stay sharp for his fights; if you were to treat exercise like you were practicing for a sport, you would develop a mastery of your body that will make you stronger than you ever thought you could be.

The Hectic Hundreds Rep System operates in three phases, each flowing from one to the next. The phases are designed to help you build strength in Phase 1, develop power in Phase 2, and maintain strength and power in Phase 3. 

The Hectic Hundreds Rules

1. Move up weight after 100 reps.

2. Start light

3. Move up slow

Each rep system is progressive and designed to ensure you do not plateau in your workout.

A workout plateau is where you stop seeing results in your routine, even though you are training with the same intensity. These rep systems are primarily designed to be done with weight, but they can also be applied to bodyweight exercises to complete more advanced versions of the exercise, such as a push-up progressed to a clap push-up.

I will review how to track your progress, so you know when to re-adjust your goals to ensure you get stronger.

*Personal Trainers*

I will also explain the best practices for using these rep systems and how to apply them to your clients.