What is the Shortcut to Strong?

There is no real shortcut to being strong, but in my time as a fitness professional, I have come up with a theory that has led to my success in a faster timeframe than most conventional workout programs. I have tested this theory on myself and over 100 clients, which has assisted in weight loss and increased strength gains. The Shortcut to Strong is based on a theory of developing strength fast! The methods in this theory include many reps and require a lot of patience.

Getting strong can be done without weights, but getting strong fast is a more comfortable journey with some heavy stuff added. This theory doesn’t involve fad diets, strict workout programs with set timeframes, or exercise restrictions.

This theory only requires one thing to succeed: seeing the entire process through. I admit this theory goes against some of the techniques taught in private training schools and books, but sticking to them will make achieving more strength in your fitness life much easier. This theory will also help simplify how you train yourself and your clients. Once again, there is no shortcut to strong, but getting strong is not rocket science either.

There are so many "specialists" in the world that claim to have the correct and proper way to get too strong that they have started to overcomplicate a trait our ancestors achieved relatively quickly. How strength training is taught to people now reminds me of a scientist explaining why gravity exists, endless equations, and a lot of jargon that will sound like a foreign language to most people.

This theory is simple, and there is a good chance it will work if you believe in it. Receive this theory with an open mind and see how it affects your results in the gym.