The Fitness Business

The fitness business has grown over the last 20 years and, in 2020, made a big jump to the virtual world.

I have run my own business over my ten years in the fitness industry, and I have managed multiple companies' fitness business. In the last portion of the book, I will give you five strategies to create and excel in your fitness business.


Strategy #1: Create your brand.

When you are in the fitness industry, you are your brand. When people think of fitness, they must think of you. To create your brand, you must find out what defines your fitness style and figure out how your style can reach the most people.

When I created the term Faster Stronger Wiser, it was designed to mean continual progression. My goal was to create a brand that eclipses my image and would be around long after being gone.

Much like Michael Jordan is associate with the word Air and Earvin Johnson is associated with the word Magic, I wanted my name to be associated with the term Faster Stronger Wiser.

This term became my brand, and as I progress as a trainer, that term will continue to lead to Glenn Payne Jr.

Think of a term that describes your style of fitness. Make sure that name also incorporates your personality and defines you as a complete person. Once you find it, you have found your brand.


5 Quick Steps to Create your Brand

  1. Create a name
  2. Trademark that name
  3. Create a website with that name.
  4. Create a business with that name
  5. Create social media handles with that name.


Strategy #2: Create a Five-Year Body of Work

You can only work for so long. We all will get old one day, and when we do, we won't be able to rely on our bodies to create new workouts. That’s why you must create a five-year body of work.

The reason why I say five years is so that you can cycle your content. Five years is equal to 60 months, 260 weeks,  and 1825 days. If you created enough content to take a new client through five years of training with you, you could set yourself up for a healthy future of fitness where you continue to remain relevant in any fitness conversation.

Most good T.V. series run for five seasons; then they generate more viewers off of reruns. The reruns allow the people who didn’t see the series when released to catch up on the shows. Fitness is the same way; if you have workouts that worked great for some people years ago that you still usw, the people who are just finding out about you will now be able to go back and experience the same routines that led to your success and the success of your former clients.


5 Quick Steps to Create a 5 Year Body of Work

  1. Create 260 Weekly Workouts: After creating them, all release them weekly on a five-year cycle.
  2. Create 1825 Daily Workouts: After creating all your workouts, place them on a five-year daily cycle
  3. Create 60 Monthly Workout Programs: After creating all your workout programs, place them on a five-year monthly cycle
  4. Create a Signature Workout Program and document yourself doing it: Write a workout program specifically for you and make it long enough to document your journey.
  5. Take someone else through your workout program and document it.: This process shows that you cannot only do this program, and it welcomes people to join it.

 Strategy #3: Provide A Message.

What is your fitness message?

A message is a different form of what your brand is. Your message is what your brand represents. You must have a message to deliver to the world to be successful in fitness. For example, my message is to challenge people to better than the best. That’s what I want people to think about when they think about Faster Stronger Wiser Training.

Create a message and then deliver your message to the world.


5 Questions to answer that will help you create your message.

  1. What does your style of fitness provide for the world?
  1. Who will you b helping with your style of fitness
  1. How will this style help them?
  1. What do you want to be known for in fitness?
  1. What route will you take to create that reputation?


The answers to these questions will be pivotal in your fitness business because they will put you n a mindset that focuses on more than just earning money for telling people how-to exercises. You will be in the mindset of changing the world using your approach to exercise.

Strategy #4: Be Present in all forms of media.

Media is everything. From newspapers to social media posts, you must be visible for your message to be heard/. At the time I was writing this book, social media was booming. Instagram was the primary platform for fitness professionals to promote themselves. YouTube was the primary platform for fitness professionals to get paid. Other smaller platforms came and went, but these two remained strong. When I first became a trainer, I watched Tae Bo DVDs by Billy Blanks and the Insanity DVD by Shaun T to see how they train. I would then read books by other fitness professionals, and I realized that the best way to become relevant in the fitness industry was to present on all platforms. After this revelation, I wrote my first eBook (electronic book). It took ten years of hustling and struggling to understand that I had to present on all forms of media) Visual, audio, and print to ensure everyone heard my message. This is an essential step in your business if you want to ensure you are successful in the long run.


5 Steps to be more present in all forms of media.

  1. Write books and start a blog: Write your message down for the world to read and digest in their minds. Books are still used today to teach people. There is a reason for that. The act of reading allows you to retain more information. The more you read, the more you know. When you write books. You are documenting your message and time stamping it for future generations. A blog is great for building up your writing ability and giving your audience more information to absorb.


  1. Create audiobooks and start a podcast: People need to be able to hear your message. Sometimes you can explain a message better than you write it. An audiobook allows you to speak to your audience using your book as a guide. A podcast will enable you to share your thoughts with your audience in a relatable way.


  1. Create videos: The world needs to be able to see your message visually. A video allows you to tell a story with your workout as well as showcase techniques.


  1. Tell and sell your message: Constantly tell people your message. Tell them your story, how you train, why your training style works, and then invite them to train with you. Your mouth is the best word of mouth when it applies to your message.


  1. Document everything: You never know what workout may be the one that changes the world. Create workouts daily. Share them with everyone for free, and if you can get paid for some, get paid. The key to being successful in the fitness business is visibility. The more visible you are, the more successful you will be. The fitness field is the one field where you must be seen and heard because it revolves around a physical presence. Even if you feel a workout sucked, put it out there anyway. What sucks to you may be perfect for someone else.


Strategy #5: Be Patient and Persistent

Success does not come overnight. Even the people who seem to have instant success have been working behind the scenes for years before the world noticed them. Patience doesn’t mean be still; it means to work hard without focusing on what success awaits at the end of your work. No matter how hard you work in fitness, there will always be one person who seems to do less than you and gains more success. Get that notion out of your head. Even the people who undergo surgery to change their bodies or take steroids to enhance their bodies are gambling with their lives to be successful. They may be taking a shortcut, but this process is the equivalent of a person jumping off a mountain with a homemade parachute rather than climbing down the mountain with a homemade rope. One may lead to success faster but has a higher risk of catastrophe, while the other option has a slower route to success but less risk and much more work.


5 Ways to be Patient and Persistent

  1. Promote yourself even when no one else will: Make sure you are your biggest fan. The way you treat your brand will influence the way others treat it. If you wear your gear, participate in your workouts, and continuously speak from your books, people will respect your brand more because of your dedication.


  1. Don’t compare yourself to others: Focus on your path. It's hard not to size up your competition or compare yourself to others, but you set yourself up for failure when you do this. Because you won't appreciate your craft, I've made this mistake multiple times in my career, and it made me miserable to the point where I wanted to quit being a trainer. Please stay in your lane and go as fast as possible toward your success


  1. Focus on YOUR audience: You aren’t going to reach everyone, so make sure that you are going to the people who are willing to listen and follow your full attention. Take care of your following, and they will take care of you.


  1. Always Working: Continue to grow your skillset by learning new training methods and applying them to all populations. Stay in touch with the industry to know what new equipment or technology is coming out so you can be the first to know about it. Train yourself as hard as you would train everyone else.


  1. Have Faith that success will come: Overnight success can be gone by the afternoon. Embrace the time it takes to be established in the industry. Fame comes and goes, but experiences can never be taken away.


These are essential strategies for creating a fitness business. A more concrete strategy can be included in your game plan later, but starting here will put you on the right track to getting your business started and become successful as a fitness professional.