Barbell Burn


This workout is strenuous and can lead to physical injury.

Use caution when performing any of the exercises displayed in this workout. Consult your physician to ensure that these workout programs are safe for you before you begin.

Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness & Glenn Payne Jr. is not responsible for any injuries resulting from using this workout program.

For more details on how to do an exercise, check out the FSW Exercise Tutorials.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 5 Rounds, two exercises per round.
  • 20 Seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.

Equipment Needed:

A Barbell Set with a variety of light to heavy weights


One Weight Plate


AB Wheel

Round One:

Exercise #1: Barbell Curls

Barbell Burn

Exercise #2: Underhand Grip Shoulder Press

Barbell Burn

Round Two:

Exercise #1: Barbell Rows

Barbell Burn

Exercise #2: Barbell Military Press

Barbell Burn

Round Three:

Exercise #1: Barbell Squats

Barbell Burn

Exercise #2: Barbell Lunges

Barbell Burn

Round Four:

Exercise #1: Barbell Chest Press

Barbell Burn

Exercise #2: Plate Triceps Extensions

Barbell Burn

Round Five:

Exercise #1: Ab Wheel Roll Outs

Barbell Burn

Exercise #2: Sit Up to Press

Barbell Burn

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