Creed 3 (Story Concept)

I've been a Rocky fan my whole life, and I love the way Creed has taken the movie franchise to another level. This my version of Creed 3, and how the story would go. First check out my fan trailer for the movie.

The story begins with Rocky sitting at his restaurant with Adonis and his wife. A young man walks up and hands him a letter that came for him. It's from the boxing Hall of Fame committee. Rocky opens the two page letter to find out he is being inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. As he smiles, and starts to celebrate with Adonis he sees that he will be inducted with one other person. He wonders who will be the second person and as he flips to the second page he finds out this person will be Clubber Lang. The one fighter who hates him more than anyone.

He sighs and contemplates not attending the event. Rocky starts to re-live the years of scrutiny he received for not accepting the third fight with Clubber. Clubber demanded a third fight with Rocky right before Apollo Creed took the exhibition fight against Ivan Drago. Rocky said he was retired and had nothing left to prove, and chose to accompany Apollo in his corner. When Apollo was killed in the ring and Clubber heard that Rocky was heading to Russia to fight Drago, Clubber was furious. Out of spite he fought two challengers who were supposed to be next in line for a title shot and destroyed them. The next challenger was supposed to be Union Cane who used to be a sparring partner of a man Clubber destroyed. Clubber saw the fight as worthless. After hearing Rocky was forced to retire because of the Ivan Drago fight in Russia, Clubber decided to quit boxing because he felt that Rocky Balboa was the only person worth fighting.
Rocky realizes Clubber still hated him, and decides not to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony. After a brief debate Adonis and his wife convince him to go by telling him that Clubber Lang is old news and that shouldn't affect him receiving one of the greatest honors in boxing. Rocky thinks long and hard and agrees to go.

The Boxing Hall of Fame ceremony is underway. As a surprise Rocky's son has attended the event to introduce him. Ivan Drago and his son are also in attendance. Rocky gives a short emotional speech and is given a standing ovation. Next a new boxer walks up to the podium, it turns out to be Clubber Lang’s son who has followed in his father's footsteps and is dominating the boxing world. He introduces his father. Clubber Lang walks up to the podium next. He had dominated boxing after Rocky retired due to the Drago fight. He retired with only one loss which was to Rocky and he had destroy his last 2 opponents. He even retired them both due to head injuries. In Clubbers speech he talks about how great he was and how his biggest regret was not avenging his loss against Rocky Balboa. He then goes on a rant about how he would have ended Ivan Drago in 3 rounds, and how he would have destroyed Apollo Creed in his prime. This causes the crowd to go crazy, and upon hearing this Adonis becomes noticeably furious. Clubber then goes on about how his son could beat Creed and Drago's son in under 3 rounds. Clubber starts to point out flaws in Victor Drago and Adonis Creed, and calls then both soft. This causes Ivan Drago and his son to get enraged, and a fight almost breaks out between the Dragos and the Langs.

The next day at Rocky’s restaurant. Rocky, Rocky Jr, Adonis and his family are all watching the news when a story pops on about a scheduled fight between Victor Drago and Clubber Lang’s son. Everyone kind of shrugs it off, and this prompts Adonis to ask Rocky how good was Clubber Lang really? Rocky goes on to talk about Clubbers strength and how he hits harder than Drago. He explains, that if Apollo Creed hadn't trained him he could have never beat Clubber Lang. Adonis asks Rocky about why he never fought Clubber the third time. Rocky tells him that he couldn't win without Apollo and he knew that. He beat Ivan Drago with will power and the help of Apollo’s trainer, Duke, who passed soon after the Drago fight. The fight was so grueling that it led to him being out of boxing for 2 decades. Rocky then tells Adonis that he made emotional mistakes against Ivan Drago, and if he made those same mistakes against Clubber Lang he would have died in the ring. Everyone turns their eyes back to the screen to see a highlight reel of Clubber Lang’s son destroying opponents with a combination of blinding speed, ridiculous power and years of boxing wisdom passed down from his father. The announcers end by saying he may just be unbeatable.

Fight night. Gideon Lang vs Victor Drago.

The fight starts with Drago being out classed by Gideon’s speed. After toying with him in round 1, Victor asks his dad for advice. Ivan says corner the chicken. Meaning cut him off and stop him from running. Victor uses this game plan, but is pummeled by Lang's power. Lang's power punches push Victor into the corner where he proceeds to destroy him with a barrage of shots until the bell rings. Victor falls to the ground. As he lays on the ground its evident he's not getting up. Ivan rushes to his son and tries desperately to get him back conscious.

Back in Philly, at Rocky's restaurant, everyone watches as Victor Drago is rushed out of the arena on a stretcher. The announcers then brings in Gideon Lang. for his post fight interview. They asks how he felt about the destruction he caused. He says he's feels nothing it. The announcer then tells Gideon that Victor Drago has serious injuries and has to be rushed to the hospital. Gideon laughs and smugly says "if he dies, he dies." The announcer shakes his head, and then asks about a potential fight with Adonis Creed. Gideon replies with how easy it would be, and how it needed to happen to restore order in boxing with the name Lang as the true measure of greatness. He speaks about how the Creed name has been overshadowing real boxers, and how Rocky became popular for being the greatest ducker in history. He then issues a direct challenge to Adonis and walks off. Adonis sees this and looks at his wife. She tells him don't even think about it. Adonis tells her he can't just let Gideon Lang call him out like that and not respond. Bianca gets mad and gets up from the table to head home. After she leaves Adonis turns to Rocky. He tells Rocky that he has to take the fight. Rocky agrees with his wife and tells him not to. Adonis begs him. He says this is different this about respect. He says this fight is about legacy. Rocky tells him to go home. Adonis sighs, but agrees. Rocky Jr. starts to talk to Rocky about the fight between Adonis and Gideon Lang. He thinks it should happen. He remembered the threats Clubber sent to Rocky and his family for refusing the third fight. He brings up memories of kids bullying him at school and calling him the son of a chicken. He told Rocky about the fights he used to get in to defend the family name. He then tells Rocky that if this situation isn't handle it's going to haunt everyone forever. Rocky tells his son that he's too old to train and he's tired of losing people to boxing. Rocky tries to stress how dangerous Clubber Lang and his son are as fighters. He says that Clubber is a killer, but his son is an assassin. Rocky Jr. begins to tell Rocky that Adonis is not the same as Apollo or Rocky. He says he's better. He's stronger than Rocky and Apollo, and he can be the one to end all of this nonsense for good. Rocky says he doesn't know if he has the energy to deal with. Rocky Jr. says that he will train him. He says he has learned a lot from Rocky, Apollo, and Duke (Apollos trainer), and with Adonis's skill set now he can have him ready. Rocky says no, gives his son a hug and leaves. Rocky Jr. shakes his head and texts Adonis to meet him at the gym tomorrow.

The next day Adonis and Rocky Jr. meet at the gym. Rocky Jr. says he wants to train Adonis to fight Clubber Lang Jr. Adonis asks if Rocky is ok with this. Rocky Jr. says this is no longer about just him, and that he needs to fight Gideon Lang to keep them from constantly taunting them. He tells Adonis the taunts and threats are just going to get worse and he shows him letters from when Clubber Lang threatened Rocky Balboa and their family. Adonis sympathizes for Rocky Jr., but he decides not to take the fight out of respect for his wife and Rocky. Rocky had asked him not to fight Drago and with Rocky's health declining rapidly Adonis wanted to let Rocky have some peace. Adonis walk out the gym, and leaves Rocky Jr behind. As they both start to leave a black Mercedes pulls up. Gideon Lang jumps out of the back seat. He approaches Adonis and calls him out to fight. As he pushes Adonis, Rocky Jr. steps in to break it up. As he is breaking up the scuffle Gideon hits him with an uppercut to the body that puts Rocky Jr immediately on the floor. Adonis throws a swing at Gideon, but misses. They square off, but sirens are howling and getting close. Someone has called the police. Gideon Lang jumps back in the car after he hears Clubber Lang yell for him to get in. The car speeds off. Adonis tends to an unconscious Rocky Jr. He looks towards the direction Gideon Lang drove off in with fury in his eyes.

Rocky Balboa is asleep in his bed when the phone rings. Its Adonis, and he tells him what just happened. Rocky rushes to the hospital. Once he arrives, he sees his son laying in a hospital bed, his son tells Rocky that somebody needs to handle these guys and Adonis has to be the one to do it. Rocky tells him no, kisses him on the forehead and tells him to rest. A discombobulated Rocky Jr. begs him to reconsidered and he starts to fall back asleep. Rocky and Adonis step outside. Adonis looks at Rocky and says "I gotta fight him Unc, I have to." Rocky sighs as he looks away and begins to walk down the hall. As he's walking he passes a door where Victor Drago is being held. Victor fell into a coma after the fight and has been labeled as day to day. He goes in to the room to see Ivan Drago sitting by his sons' side. Ivan Drago looks like he hasn't slept in weeks. Rocky expresses his condolences for Ivan, and sits across for him watching Victor lay there. Drago asks "is this how he felt watching Apollo die?", Rocky says yes. He also tells him about Adrian and Paulie, and how he has been in this position too many times before. He says every time he feels more helpless than the last. Ivan Drago then asks if Adonis is going to fight Gideon Lang? Rocky says no and explains how he has too much to lose with his new wife and daughter. Ivan Drago then pulls out a picture of a little boy and shows it to Rocky. Rocky asks who the boy is? Drago says it's his grandson, and he understands how some things are more important than boxing.

Rocky looks even more saddened. Drago then tells Rocky that Clubber Langs son has to be beaten. The sport of boxing needs it. After Rocky retired no one could beat Clubber Lang and now know one can beat his son. Rocky says, "These guys aren't fighters, there killers with boxing gloves. Plus with Apollo gone no one knows the blueprint to beating theses guys. How would I even train Adonis to be ready for a fighter like that?" They both get silent. Rocky then asks Drago would he be interested in helping to train Adonis. Drago is known for his power, and his experience could help Adonis have the edge against Gideon Lang. Drago declines. After what happened to his son he says he was done with boxing. He tells Rocky good luck and tends to his son. Rocky leaves the room.

The tension between Gideon Lang and Adonis Creed are raised to a new level when Bianca is performing a show to release a song celebrating her love for Adonis. Midway through her performance Gideon can be heard in the crowd taunting Bianca. He shouts out a comment about her not been able to hear her on vocals and that causes Adonis (who is in the front row) to storm the back towards him. A small wrestling match breaks out where Adonis is over powered and slam through a table by Gideon. Security breaks it up, and everyone disperses. Adonis heads to Rocky's restaurant and tells him what happen. He begs him to set up the fight. Rocky agrees.

Training camp begins. They train similar to the way they trained for Victor Drago. A battered Rocky Jr. is there to support, and everyone is pumped and ready for the fight. Adonis looks ready.

The fight is on. The stadium is booming. Its a packed house. Gideon Lang comes out first. He arrogantly walks to the ring. Adonis comes out next. He's walking fast to the ring. He's anxious to fight. He gets in the ring and stares Gideon down. Gideon Lang looks unbothered by Adonis.

Round 1: Adonis comes out strong, but cant land anything. Gideon Lang is too fast. Lang plays with him and only counter punches.
Rounds 2-3: Gideon shows his speed is superior to Adonis and starts to land quick combos while making Adonis miss.
Rounds 4-5: Gideon Lang is playing to the crowd.
Adonis is getting angry, and Rocky tells him to calm down, and focus.
Round 6: Adonis calls Lang a chicken, and tells him to stop running like a bitch. Lang laughs and rushes Adonis. A slugfest breaks out in the center of the ring.
Round 7: They continue to go toe to toe. Adonis lands a hard uppercut that stumbles Lang. This pisses him off.
Round 8: Lang shows his power, and knocks Adonis down twice.
Round 9: Adonis is put down again. He gets up slow and heads back to his corner. Rocky tells him to use his speed. Adonis knods and heads back to the fight. He starts to evade Lang forcing him to miss. This pisses Lang off. Gideon Lang starts to chase Adonis and starts searching for haymakers. The round ends.
Rounds 10-11: Adonis starts to evade Lang and pops him with small combinations. Lang gets strong power shot in every so often. Adonis is barely winning these rounds.
Adonis is hyped. He says he has this fight. Rocky tries to tell him to focus because across the ring Lang isn’t tired, and he looks pissed.
Round 12: Gideon Lang comes out fast and floors Adonis with a fast uppercut. Adonis gets up. They both start trading shots. Gideon starts to get the upper hand until he swings, misses and falls. The ref rules it a knockdown. Gideon is furious, so is Clubber Lang. The rest of the fight the two fighters trade shots and the bell sounds. Ending the fight. The two fighters head to their corners. Both corners are ensuring their fighters they won. The judges turn in their cards. The arena gets silent. The announcer rules the fight a draw!

The whole crowd goes crazy. Clubber and his son are furious. The announcer even states that he didn't think Adonis did enough to win the fight. Gideon Lang jumps on the mic. He calls out all the judges and says it with a BS ruling based on Adonis's last name and how the boxing committee kisses Rocky and Apollos asses. Clubber then hops on the mic, and tells everyone this why he quit boxing. He says he wants an immediate rematch and he guarantees it wont go to decision. He then calls out Rocky Balboa and says that he paid the judges and Creed is just as much of a chump as he is. Rocky and Clubber start to argue and security begins to clear the ring. The announcer ends the night by saying absolutely nothing was solved tonight and these two men must fight again.

Back in Adonis's dressing room, Adonis is venting about the fight. He doesn't understand why it was draw. He turns to Rocky and confidently asks if he won the fight? Rocky reluctantly says yes. Adonis is shocked by how Rocky answered the question and asks him again "You think I won right Unc?". Rocky says it wasn't a draw, but it also wasn't a win. Adonis gets furious, and asks why Rocky thinks he lost. Rocky tells him that Gideon Lang was trying to embarrass him, and it was evident he could put him away whenever he wanted. Rocky then says Adonis fought a good fight, but it was a fight he lost. Adonis gets even more upset and tells Rocky to set up the rematch. Rocky tries to calm Adonis down, but he storms out.

Adonis heads home. He gets up stairs and sits down on the bed next to his wife Bianca. She asks him what's wrong after noticing he was upset. He tells her Rocky thinks he lost the fight. She asks him what he thinks. Adonis says he felt the same way. He tells Bianca no matter what he did he felt Gideon Lang was a second faster, he was a lot stronger and he was one step ahead at all times. Bianca tells him that he fought well, and a draw isn't a loss. Adonis says it mine as well be. She gives him a kiss, then cuddles next to him and they fall asleep.

The next day Adonis is down stairs having breakfast. The news is on and a breaking story comes on covering that Victor Drago has died. The cause of death was injuries that came from his last fight with Gideon Lang. The reporter tries to interview Ivan Drago but he pushes the camera away. The news then shows that Victor Drago would be leaving a son behind in his death. The broadcasts ends. Adonis looks at his wife and tell her he has to go pay his respects to the family. Bianca agrees and gives him a hug.

Victor Dragos body has been flown to Russia. The funeral for Victor Drago is small. Since they were outcaste in Russia after the fight with Rocky only Ivan Drago, Victor's girlfriend, Victor's son, Rocky and Adonis are in attendance. Ivan's whole life had been about destroying Rocky, and now his son was gone at the hands of another boxer. Rocky goes up to Ivan who is looking at his son's casket. He tells him that if he needs anything to just say the word. Ivan asks Rocky if he remembered telling him how Clubber Lang and his son weren't fighters they were killers. Rocky says yes.

Ivan Drago responds with "It takes a killer to train a killer."

Adonis Creeds camp now has the assistance of Rocky and Ivan Drago. The new training combined old school boxing and outdoor training similar to the training Rocky done in Rocky IV. They train harder and longer than the last fight. Drago tells Adonis you cannot let the fight go the distance, and that he would have to tap into dark places in his mind to fight this guy. He explains how these guys have no remorse for their opponents and that gives them the edge. He emphasizes that Adonis has to be willing to kill this guy in the ring if necessary.
Gideon Lang's training camp is private much like his father's training methods. Gideon is training harder than he did for the first fight as well. His workouts consist of superhero type weightlifting routines, and intense sparring sessions involving Gideon taking on 2 or 3 opponents back to back. Pictures of Rocky and Adonis with X's across their faces hang in the gym. The intensity of Gideon Lang is scary.
Midway through the training camp, Rocky tells Drago that he still doesn't know the strategy to beat this guy. He knows that Gideon Lang was toying with Adonis last fight, and he's not going to do the same thing this time around. As he says this, in walks Tony "Little Duke" Evers the son of Apollo Creeds trainer Duke. He says maybe he can help with this dilemma. They all sit in the gym, and Little Duke explains how he watched his father and Apollo train Rocky to beat Clubber, and how he listened in on the strategy. He wanted to use that strategy to prepare his fighters to fight Gideon Lang, but none of his fighters had the raw talent that Adonis has. With this new information. Adonis is ready for the fight .
The second fight is approaching. Verbal jabs on social media have been going back and forth between both camps. The world is choosing sides. ESPN shows too announcers nearly going to blows debating over the winner of this fight. The press conference is just as heated. Gideon Lang not only insult Adonis Creed, but shows no remorse for the death of Victor Drago. This causes a near brawl at the press conference and security has to shut everything down.

The fight is on. The MGM Grand is packed. The crowd is on edge. Legendary boxers, and new comers are in attendance. This is the fight of the decade. In Adonis's dressing room everyone is silent. A priest says a prayer. Rocky asks Adonis is he ready? Adonis nods and gets up.
Gideon Lang's dressing room is locked. No reporter can get in. Inside Gideon is extremely focused, and his dad is pumping him up.
The stadium gets dark. "No Vaseline" by Ice Cube starts to play. As the beat kicks in Gideon Lang walks to the ring focused. He is accompanied by his dad and trainer. He climbs in wearing all black. He has on the same shorts his dad wore against Rocky.

Next Adonis comes out to "Ether" by Nas. He comes down to the ring with Rocky, Rocky Jr., Little Duke and Ivan Drago by his side. The two fighters face off, staring each other down. The crowd is already on their feet. Everyone knows it's going to be an epic fight. The ref explains the rules and asks them both to touch gloves. Neither fighter obliges and they walk back to their corners. The intensity is growing, both fighters get last minute words of wisdom from their corners and the bell sounds for round 1. They both rush to the center of the ring.
Round 1: This is a pure slugfest. No defense from either fighter they are going toe to toe all 3 minutes.
Round 2: Gideon starts to display his speed and gets Adonis to miss while countering him with hard combos. Lang Jr. takes round 2.
Round 3: Gideon continues his assault and drops Adonis. Adonis gets up at 5, and continues to lose the round.
In the corner Adonis looks to Little Duke who tells him to use the strategy that he taught him. Little Duke says play to his anger just like Rocky did against Clubber.
Round 4: Adonis comes out smiling and starts to evade Gideon's punches. He throws small jabs and moves around the ring calling Gideon slow and insulting him the entire round. This goes on until the bell sounds.
Round 5: Adonis continues his taunts and starts tagging Gideon with combinations that catch him off guard. He even lands one big power shot that hurts Gideon. Adonis sees his opening and rushes him but Gideon is saved by the bell.
In Gideon's corner Clubber tells him "he ain't hurt", and tells him not to let the tricks get to him. Gideon gets mad and jumps off the stool.
Round 6: Adonis's strategy is working Gideon is getting tired of chasing him, and midway through the round Adonis lands a punishing knockout blow. Adonis turns to the crowd to celebrate. He looks to his corner. No one is cheering. Adonis looks back behind. Gideon has gotten up and is pissed. The ref gives them the ok to resume and Gideon swarms Adonis with combos. Adonis is saved by the bell.

Adonis gets to his corner, he's wondering why the strategy didn't work. Ivan Drago tells him he has to go to the dark place. Flashes of the beef between him and Gideon go through his head. Adonis gets a cold look in his face and he gets up. Drago tells Rocky he's ready.
Round 7: This is a slugfest. Both fighters land powerful haymakers staggering each other. The round is even.
Round 8: Gideon drops Adonis. Adonis is slow to get up. Gideon shakes his head in disbelief and continues to beat him down until the bell sounds.
Round 9: Gideon swings and misses giving Adonis the upper hand. Adonis pummels him in the corner and drops him. Adonis goes back to his corner to watch in shock as Gideon rises slowly to his feet. The round ends.
Round 10: It is a defensive showcase both fighters display amazing evasiveness skills as punches are slipped and ducked. A lot of punches are thrown this round but none land.
The announcer says that this might be the best fight he's ever seen. The crowd is going crazy. No one is seated.
Round 11: Adonis is dropped early. He gets up slowly. The ref resumes the action and he immediately drops Gideon. Gideon gets up slowly. The two are running out of gas and are both fighting out of instinct. They land body shots and small hooks, but neither one can do enough to win the round.
Round 12 Final Round: The weary fighters slowly meet at the center of the ring. They trade shots for the first half of the fight. A swing and miss gets Adonis counter punched. He staggers towards the ropes. He sees his wife with her hands by her face in tears. He breaks out of the trance just in time to avoid a haymaker by Gideon. They go toe to toe. Adonis ducks a hook then lands a brutal uppercut which pushes Gideon towards the ropes. He swing with all his might and lands 3 big hooks which puts Gideon down. Adonis staggers back to his corner to watch the count. The ref gets to 6. Gideon starts to get up. Adonis shakes his head in disbelief. His entire corner are shocked. You can here Clubber Lang yelling to his son to get up. The ref gets to 8, then 9. Gideon is on his feet. The ref looks in Gideon's face, his eyes are closed and his chin is down. He is out on his feet. The ref calls the fight. Adonis collapses in his corner from exhaustion. The crowd is going crazy. Adonis whole corner storms the ring. The ring fills with people. Bianca enters to hug her husband. Gideon Lang Is scooped up by his corner and they immediately leave the arena.

The announcer asks Adonis how he feels. He first says rest in peace to Victor Drago. He says "Hi" to his daughter, and tells her he loves her. He thanks Rocky and his entire corner, and then he says he's exhausted and he just wants to go home.

The announcer asks him will their be a third fight between him Lang?

The movie ends.

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