A Grandmother's Prayer

"Momma, I'm about to head out," yells the young man as he opens the front door of his Grandmother's home to start his nightly workout. The young man is an aspiring boxer and runs 5 miles a night to maintain his body between fights.

His Grandmother yells back, "Bye," as he shuts the door behind him.

As the door closes, the Grandmother drops down to her knees immediately and begins to start praying.

"Lord, please protect my boy as he runs through these dangerous streets." She continued, "Have your angels on guard tonight and shield him of any destruction that may come his way."

The young man begins his workout. He is moving quickly, shadow boxing simultaneously as he moves through his neighborhood in the still of the night. He's well known in his community and doesn't receive much interference in his workouts due to the local drug dealers and gangs' high respect for him. He stayed out of trouble by focusing on his boxing craft. Although he never participated in the world of crime and violence surrounding him, he respected the players. He understood that although he wasn't actively involved in that life, this life allowed him to operate freely without harm.

The young man was closing in on the end of his workout, a 1-mile sprint back home; he started to pick up speed; he ran past a police car as his pace increased. The two officers saw the man running at high speed past them, and without a second thought, they pursued him.

The young man was in the zone and didn't notice the flashing red and blue lights behind him; if it weren't for the loose feeling in his shoe that started to affect his stride, the young man would have never stopped.

"These damn laces keep coming loose." Said the young man to himself as he frustratedly reached down to re-tie the laces on the tattered running shoes that had been through more than their fair share of late-night runs. As he reaches down, he sees the lights.

The two officers jumped out of the car; guns were drawn. They were yelling and demanding for the young man to get on the ground.

The young man had his headphones on, and due to the volume of the music combined with the zone he was in during the run, he couldn't hear the cops screaming nor comprehend what was going on.

One cop yelled, "Get your ass on the ground."

The other cop yelled, "Keep your hands up."

The young man was scared, and he reached up to the top of his head to remove his headphones. As he reached up, the cops screamed and started to fire their weapons.

Time slowed down.

As the bullets left the barrel of the cop's gun, they seemed to slow to a crawl.

The sky opened up, a being dropped to the earth directly in the path of the bullets that were making their way toward the young man's body. The being was massive, over 7 feet tall, with white and gold armor. It had a mass shield covering half of its body. The ground shook as the being landed, and its glow blinded the young man who hid his eyes with the arm he was using to remove his headphones. The two cops firing blindly in the direction of what they thought was a threat continued to shoot at will. It took a second for their eyes to adjust to what was going on in front of them. The bullets sounded like a hailstorm of metal crashing against a steel door as they bounced off the being's shield.

The two cops fired until both of their guns were empty. As soon as the last bullet shell hit the ground, the being jumped back into the sky just as quickly as it had landed and vanished from sight.

Both officers stood in horror.

The young man uncovered his eyes to see both police officers standing in disbelief and fear. They looked at each other, jumped in their squad car, and sped away in the opposite direction of the young man.

The young man, still shocked and afraid, sprinted home.

Tears ran down the young mans' face as he realized what had just happened.

"The cops almost killed me,"  he said to himself as he gasped for air.

"What was that thing that saved me." The young man was troubled, and he was crying, and as he walked home, he couldn't go into the door. He frantically checked himself to make sure he wasn't shot.

No blood anywhere.

As he paced back and forth on the porch to his house, he struggled to pull himself together.

After a few minutes, he gathered himself and entered his Grandmother's home.  He usually heads upstairs to take a shower, but he noticed something different about his Grandmother.  His Grandmother was on her knees, hunched over the front of the couch. The young man knows his Grandmother is always sleeping at this hour, so for her to be up now. The other concerning fact was that she was still on the couch. Fearing the worse, he rushed to her side.

"Momma! Wake up." He said as he gently nudged his Grandmother.

The young man's Grandmother awakens quickly. She was stunned to see her grandson. The young man's Grandmother had a vision that the police had killed her grandson. The vision was so real that she could feel the pain of her grandson's death in her heart. She knew she had to pray harder for her grandson that night. As she was praying, she heard the gunshots outside, and fearing the worse, she buried her head into her hands and prayed even harder for her grandson's safety. The shots were so close to her home she didn't know if her grandson was ok or not.

As soon as she sees her grandson alive and healthy, she cries and gives him a big hug.

"Thank God you're alive." She yelled as she squeezed her grandson with tears streaming down her face.

She began to tell her grandson what had happened to her.

"I was praying for you as you went on your run, then while I was praying, I saw an image of you being shot by two cops."

She started crying as she struggled to finish the story.

"You fell to the floor dead, and that moment I just started praying as hard as I could. Then I heard gunshots outside, and then I just passed out."

As the Grandmother finishes her story, she sits on the couch and asks her grandson, "Did you hear the gunshots? They were so close to our house, and I know you usually finish your run at this time. Did you see what happened?"

The young man looked his Grandmother in the eyes, and tears were still filling them up as she spoke. The young man thought back on what just happened to him and realized that his Grandmother's prayers saved him from being another casualty of police misconduct.

He hugged his Grandmother tight. He told her he loved her and he was alright. She kissed him on the cheek and headed off to her room.

The young man fell onto the couch and then buried his head into his hands. He still couldn't figure out what had happened, and he had so many questions.

Why was he saved? He thought.

What was the meaning of tonight? He asked himself as he stared up to the roof of his house.

These were the questions running through the young man's mind on a constant loop. After about an hour of sitting in the dark, thinking about the incident, the young man walked to his room, took his workout clothes off, and headed over to the bathroom to shower before bed. As he passed the mirror, he looked into it, and he realized that his Grandmother's prayers saved him for a reason.

It was now up to him to find out what that reason was.

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