Track Workout to Build Your Speed and Vertical Leap





This workout is strenuous and can lead to physical injury.



Use caution when performing any of the exercises displayed in this workout. Consult your physician to ensure that these workout programs are safe for you before you begin.



Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness & Glenn Payne Jr. is not responsible for any injuries resulting from using this workout program.



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Try out this routine after your regular workout or use it as a warm-up routine for any intense training regimen that involves speed and agility drills. This exercise flows as one continuous drill

Try to complete 3- 5 sets with a rep range of 5-10 reps each set.

Equipment Needed:

A Hurdle (any size)

Exercise Breakdown:

Start with a 2-foot hop over the hurdle. Stand about 6-10 inches away from the hurdle. Bend your knees, explode off the ground and clear the hurdle.

FSW Track Workout

Next, Bear Crawl backward under the hurdle. After you land from your jump, drop down into a bear crawl position and crawl back under the hurdle.

FSW Track Workout

Last. Finish with a clap push-up. After clearing the hurdle, go into a push-up and push yourself off the ground. Then while in mid-air, clap your hands under your chest and catch yourself before you hit the floor.

FSW Track Workout

Repeat the drill.

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