Stretch and Strengthen


This workout is strenuous and can lead to physical injury. Use caution when performing any of the exercises displayed in this workout. Consult your physician to ensure that these workout programs are safe for you before you begin.

Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness & Glenn Payne Jr. is not responsible for any injuries resulting from using this workout program.

For more details on how to do an exercise, check out the FSW Exercise Tutorials.

Stretch & Strengthen is a full body flexibility & mobility routine to help relieve stress and decrease recovery time.

Equipment Needed:

  • Two light dumbbells


Exercise #1: Dumbbell Shoulder Rolls

Start off on your knees with your chest up, and both dumbbells down at your sides. Roll your shoulders up by your ears and back down to the starting point.

 FSW Workout: Shoulder Rolls

Exercise #2: Dive Bomber Push Ups

Start off in a push up position. Hinge up your hips and lower yourself down through your hands as if you were going under a bar that was right above the top of your back. Come back through the same way and repeat the drill.

FSW Workout: Dive Bombers

Exercise #3: Cobra Stretch

Start off lying on your stomach. Pin your hips into the ground. Use your hands to push your chest up. Arch your lower back and look up above your head to deepen the stretch. Hold it.

FSW Workout: Cobra Stretch

Exercise #4: Downward Dog

Start off with your hands on the ground and hips up in the air. Try to keep your legs straight as well as your hands pinned to the ground. Hold the position.

 FSW Workout: Downward Dog

Exercise #5: Child’s Pose

Start on the ground. Push your hips down to your heels. Extend your arms out in front of you while resting your forehead on the floor. Rest in this position.

 FSW Workout: Childs Pose

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