Food for Thought Day One

After watching the video fill out the questions below. 

1. What is the significance of visualizing your dream as a seed for achieving your goals?

2. How does "digging a hole" and getting your hands dirty relate to pursuing your dreams?

3. Why is it important to have patience and wait for your dream to blossom?

4. How can negative energy and struggles contribute to the growth of your dream?

5. How can you overcome doubt and focus on your dream, even when it feels difficult?

6. What does writing "Coming soon" on a stick symbolize in announcing your dream to the world?

7. How does the visualization of the seed growing and getting stronger in the dirt help to reinforce your belief in achieving your dream?

8. How can planting your dream be applied to real-life scenarios and obstacles?

9. What role does perseverance play in the journey towards realizing your dream?

10. How can practicing visualization and meditation techniques, like the eight-second breath cadence, aid in manifesting your dream into reality?

Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper and save them.

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