Food for Thought Day Two

After watching the video answer the questions below. 

1. Why is it essential to protect your peace? How does it contribute to achieving your dreams?

2. How does the analogy of planting a seed relate to protecting your peace?

3. What are some external factors that can disrupt or break your peace?

4. How does focusing on positive thoughts and affirmations help fortify your peace walls?

5. Can you think of a positive thought or affirmation that you can use as armor to protect your peace?

6. How does protecting your peace help you maintain focus and faith in your dreams?

7. Have you ever experienced spiritual attacks that you couldn't see? How did they affect your peace?

8. How can you strengthen your faith and remain patient while waiting for your dreams to manifest?

9. Can you think of a practical example where protecting your peace would help you navigate a challenging situation?

10. What will you do to ensure that your peace remains protected daily?

Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper and save them.

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