How to Win

The key to winning is not just a matter of luck, hours of practice, or will power. It is the combination of all three meshed together like a piece of braided hair.

You cannot win a race just by focusing on the finish line. You must know how many strides it takes to win and master every single stride so that winning will become a habit and not a goal.

After you have mastered every stride, you must put yourself in the correct position to win. You will rarely see a sprinter setting up to throw the javelin and vice versa. Both athletes must master two different processes to win, and they must set themselves up for victory by applying their talents in the correct areas.

The will power to win should not need to be explained. If you do not have the will to win, you will only be able to go as far as your natural talent can take you.

A few extra steps can be achieved through practice but will power be how you prevail in the end. In sports, this is the difference between a conference champion and a league champion. That’s why we hear about so many underdog successes stories. The underdog goes through the same process as the favored person. They practice just as hard; they may even have just enough talent to compete, but that will power is what leads them to victory in the end.

Acknowledge the process.

Trust the process.

Embrace the process.