Spirit Training

“You can’t have surreal strength with realistic goals.”

 When people think of training, the usual mindset is to improve the body. Athletes who believe in training know how vital training the mind and body is to enhance sports performance. The one area that people forget about when it applies to training is training the spirit. Training your spirit helps you develop an internal motor that never gives out. Your mind can go blank; your body can crash your spirit will never fatigue.

Training the spirit is just like training your body. You first must have a goal. Then, you must have faith that your goal will be reached.

When you first decide to get in better physical shape, you join a gym. To get smarter mentally, you read books on the subject you want to learn. When you want to seek God, you join a church.

When you want to become physically stronger, you lift weights. You start small, then work your way up. The same concept applies to your spirit. You start off reading your bible once a week until your spirit gets stronger, and then you start reading three times a week.

If you cannot get stronger on your own, you talk to a personal fitness trainer. If you cannot understand the bible on your own, you speak to your pastor. Once you get used to a gym, you start doing the group classes. Once you get a good sense of the bible, you attend bible study.

 These questions will help you to develop a deeper connection with your ultimate goal. Your goal must be a part of your spirit to develop the motivation to push towards it every day.

 Motivation is nothing but an uncontrollable urge to start doing what you need to do to succeed. I tell my clients who are struggling to find the motivation to work out that the crazy thing about the keys to success is that they are already in your pocket. Most people's problem is that they forget about their keys because they are too busy trying to pick the lock.

This process is the essence of spiritual training.

Most of us do not know how to train our spirit because we are too busy looking for the shortcut rather than reaching down for the key that is deep in our soul. We go to church but don’t read the bible. We ask for prayer but won’t get down on our knees to pray. We follow the same bad habits that lead to failure in physical and mental training.

 We don’t want to do the work. That’s the key to success—the willingness to do the work.

Everyone has their key; we just have to start getting used to reaching down in our pockets and finding it.

These questions I had you ask yourself are designed to train your spirit. Spend time meditating on the answers

to the questions. The more you meditate on the answers, the more they become a part of your spirit. Once this process is complete, your mind and body will follow through with the rest of the journey.