What is a Motivated Mindset?

A motivated mindset is the state of mind needed to challenge yourself to be better than your best. Self- motivation is the key to breaking barriers in your life, and developing a mindset that promotes self-motivation is the start of a prosperous life.

I developed my motivated mindset from my journey of trying to become a professional basketball player. My quest to get to the NBA was filled with obstacles. I only made the basketball team at my school for 1 out of 4 years. I walked on to a community college team where I was placed at the bottom of the totem pole and eventually let go. I tried out for the NBA Developmental league four times and saw some success in a semi-pro basketball league in Dallas, Texas. At 5’10 and 155lbs, I was undersized for a pro player. I suffered a near career-ending knee injury my first season in the semi-pros and spent two years building my body back to 110% of what it was. The motivation to fulfill my dream of becoming a pro basketball player created a mindset that helped me get through every tragic life event from living without a father, and thoughts of suicide.

The events from my journey in life inspired the mental workouts in this book. These mental drills helped me to change my life by creating an unbreakable motivated mindset.

β€œIt's not about changing the race; it's about changing the pace. Life may be a marathon, but you can choose whether you want to jog or sprint.”