Ep #1 Planting the Seed of Your Dream: A Motivated Mindset Meditation Session

How do you grow a dream? 

In this guided meditation series, you will go through 10 sessions that will help you plant, grow and nourish your dream.

 "Planting Your Dream: Now, when you plant a seed to, let's say, grow a fruit tree, you take the seed, you dig a hole, and you input that seed into the earth and you cover that hole up, water it and wait until that seed grows, pushes through the dirt and blossoms into a fruit tree that is going to provide you with some substance for the rest of your life."
— faster stronger wiser [00:01:06 → 00:01:32]

"Manifesting Your Dreams: Now, what I want you to do is visualize your dream. See yourself at the most successful point of your dream and then backtrack that dream to the starting point from the time that you first initiate your dream, initiating the process, to the time where you go through the struggles."
— faster stronger wiser [00:02:16 → 00:02:38]

Visualizing Success: "And then finally that endpoint where your dream is actually happening."
— faster stronger wiser [00:02:52 → 00:02:57]

Overcoming Challenges: "You work so hard, so hard just to dig the hole. And sometimes that hole feels like you're not ever going to be out of it. You may be in financial debt, you may have depression, you may have heartache. Whatever that hole is, you are digging deeper and deeper every day."
— faster stronger wiser [00:04:39 → 00:04:59]

The Journey of Pursuing Your Dreams: "Now that you have that seed, that seed is your dream."
— faster stronger wiser [00:05:16 → 00:05:19]

Overcoming Challenges: "Little by little, it's going to take you step by step. It's going to be intense, it's going to be tough. You're going to feel like you can't make it, but you keep climbing anyway till you reach the top of that hole."
— faster stronger wiser [00:06:03 → 00:06:16]

"The Art of Planting Seeds: That mound is all in the hole. The hole is filled up. All you see is a little spot where you've been working hard all day."
— faster stronger wiser [00:07:11 → 00:07:19]

"The Power of Manifestation: 'Coming soon' on that piece of paper, on that stick, that's on that mound, that's where your seed is planted, is because you're now telling the world your dream is on its way."
— faster stronger wiser [00:08:12 → 00:08:24]

Visualization and Patience: "Now, you wait and you visualize that seed growing, getting stronger in the dirt. You visualize the energy of the seed starting to overflow. The small case that is in to the point where it's going to have to open up soon. But it takes time. So you sit back and you wait. And as you wait, you continue to visualize that seed getting ready to blossom out of the ground. And you keep your eyes focused on that mound, that note on top of that mound that says Coming soon."
— faster stronger wiser [00:08:44 → 00:09:23]

Visualizing Your Dream: "And if you can keep that visual in your head, your dream will come through, because it's going to be so easy for it to happen."
— faster stronger wiser [00:09:24 → 00:09:33]