Ep #2 How to Protect Your Peace: A Guide to Fortifying Your Mind and Spirit

How do you grow a dream? 

In this guided meditation series, you will go through 10 sessions that will help you plant, grow and nourish your dream.

 "Protecting Your Peace: Now, last time we focused on planting the seed, the seed represented your dream."
— faster stronger wiser [00:00:58 → 00:01:05]

"Manifestation and Meditation: 'We put it in that spot, we put the dirt over it. We planted that sign that said coming soon.'"
— faster stronger wiser [00:01:06 → 00:01:13]

"Protecting Your Peace: This peaceful state that you're sitting in right now needs to be protected."
— faster stronger wiser [00:03:08 → 00:03:14]

The Power of Faith: "And in order for that seed to grow, it needs your faith. And your faith is almost like the rain that waters over that spot that allows that seed to get the nutrients from the soil."
— faster stronger wiser [00:03:23 → 00:03:38]

Protecting Your Peace: "If you're wondering why do you need to protect your peace so much, it's because there are so many factors in the outside world, so many nuisances that will try to break your peace."
— faster stronger wiser [00:05:00 → 00:05:12]

"Protecting Your Peace: Now, in the midst of protecting your peace, not only do you need to bring the walls up, but you need to fortify those walls."
— faster stronger wiser [00:06:38 → 00:06:47]

Motivation: "But to sit down and motivate yourself, it takes a different level of faith."
— faster stronger wiser [00:07:10 → 00:07:16]

"Protecting Your Peace: 'You have officially protected your peace.'"
— faster stronger wiser [00:09:13 → 00:09:16]

Building Walls of Peace: "And if you can do that, it's going to be so easy for you to get through anything in this world. It's going to be so easy for you to focus your faith."
— faster stronger wiser [00:09:44 → 00:09:53]

"Finding Strength in Growth: So when that seed grows and it bears fruit, you are strong and you are ready to work with the fruit that it bears."
— faster stronger wiser [00:10:03 → 00:10:12]