A Pandemic Partership


This pandemic has managed to instill a sense of partnership between people. 

Primarily fitness people.

This COVID 19 aka "Corona Virus" has caused the world to do many things.

• Its caused us to live in fear
• Its caused us to hoard supplies without considering our fellow man.
• Its caused us to re-evaluate our health.
• It caused us to lose jobs and shut down life altogether.
These are the many publicized negatives that we grown to accept over the time that this virus had been circulating our planet.


There is a shining light coming through this cloud of fear. Since this pandemic started something happened that can lead to a more positive future for us.

We are all partners now.

Fitness Business have shut down making managers and employees equals.
There has always been a atmosphere of superiority in this business. The managers hold on to their titles like crowns that make them the rulers of all their employees. Because of this, resentment dwells in most fitness businesses cultures. Since this virus has caused massive lay offs. Managers and their employees are now on the same level. Private gym owners no longer have the element of competition as an Avenue to gain customer. Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is experiencing the hurt from the loss of facilities.Personally I've seen the benefit of this. As a former manager at a gym I realized that now that we as fitness professionals are all equal we can relate to each other on levels that were not possible before the pandemic.

We are all in the same struggle and now your former boss becomes a fellow human trying to survive this troubled time just like you are. I've seen the human side in high level executives as they open up to people to express that they are scared too. They are vulnerable too, and much like their employees they need someone to look to for guidance.

The fitness industry took a blow from this pandemic. We are a business that relys on human interaction to thrive and as we are all confined in our homes, the classism of the gym industry has dissapeared and now we are all back to the true essence of why the fitness industry began in the first place. To challenge people to be better than their best through exercise.

Now that their are no fitness mangers, or gym owners we are all partnered as a united nation of fitness professionals with one common goal:

Keep the world moving.

The beauty in all of this is that when we return back to normal we will be so much stronger than when this all started.

New leaders in the industry will be born. New elements of the business will be introduced. Exercise will become more important because the dormant lifestyle that people are forced into has proven health risks. Risks that can be eliminated through exercise.

There are roughly 7.8 billion in the world and the US only has roughly 340,000 certified personal trainers. The time is coming for us as trainers. This pandemic has forced to have to partner together. Much like the doctors, nurses, postal workers, delivery drivers, grocery store staffs and other essential jobs of the world have one goal now:

The personal trainers have one goal now.

We are all partners now. We are all one army. Let's get battle ready. The world is going to need us.

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