Changing your life takes time. That’s a fact. Some changes take less time than others, but they take time.

Some changes are necessary, and some aren’t needed. This process is usually beneficial to a person’s life when they choose to change the aspects that will help better themselves, and that requires getting rid of the bad habits that can affect their progress.

The key to success isn’t to scold or punish yourself when you do something you want to stop doing or drift back into your old ways. The key is to use the new tools you’ve acquired to keep you on your path to change for the better. A primary example is someone who becomes born again. In the first couple of months, they are new people and no longer doing anything they used to do. Then as time goes on, they slip up or drift back into old habits. Often, they get down on themselves and feel like a failure, which presents the opportunity to relapse.

Change takes time and, more importantly, effort. The effort to change yourself transforms you into the person you want to be.

The effort is the key.

The journey to becoming great is more important than the decision to be great.

People change for the wrong reasons too much. A lot of times, they do it for other people and not for themselves. Whether it’s a career choice, a relocation, or a superficial appearance change, it’s best if it’s done because you want to, not because everyone else wants you to.

You got to do the things that make that person in the mirror happy because that’s the person you have to answer to every day.