Fueling your body for a workout is just as important as fueling your car for a road trip. The right fuel must be used to make your body run at its best. Your body needs three fuel sources to be at its best.

The first source is physical fuel, which is food and water. In the fitness world, this also can be extended to vitamins and supplements that give you the benefits of food.

The second fuel source is mental fuel. Reading books and learning new skills is the primary source of mental fuel.

The last and most important source is spiritual fuel. This fuel comes from emotions that affect your drive to be faster, stronger, and wiser. This fuel is your motivation sector.

Negative emotions are more common in training your mind, body, and spirit because they hold more power. These emotions derive from anger, anxiety, depression, and sorrow. These emotions are common in everyday life due to the overwhelming stress caused by the world. Consider these emotions a high dose of caffeine.

As bad as these emotions are, they can cause you to push yourself to another level in the gym and life. The great thing about this fuel is that it burns fast. This fuel is the equivalent of nitrous oxide to a sports car; you can perform at a crazy rate for a short time and eventually burn out.

Using this fuel is great for short bouts of progress, such as cramming for a test, maxing out a heavyweight in the gym, or overcoming a loss affecting your day-to-day life.

When negative fuel is used correctly, it will release the positive fuel needed to be better than your best. Let’s use the example of breaking up with your significant other. Take that heartache and apply that emotional energy to a power workout. After that workout, you will feel so much stronger that you will forget your ex and potentially attract a new mate. You now have access to a positive emotion called confidence. This positive emotion will lead you back to the gym to burn the rest of that negative fuel to get that positive, confident fuel pumping again. Pretty soon, the negative fuel is all gone, and you’re left with a faster, stronger, and now wiser body, plus a lifetime supply of positive fuel or confidence.

The result of burning negative fuel to access the positive fuel will spill into your life. Imagine your body is a car with two gas tanks filled with dirty water and premium, engine-cleansing gasoline. Both tanks run into the other, and the only way you can access the second tank filled with good gas is to burn all of the dirty water in the first tank. That is precisely how negative fuel runs out in your life.

In regard to physical fuel such as food. It would help if you absorbed the fat and carbohydrates for your body to have the energy to process the vitamins. With mental fuel, you must read a book multiple times to absorb its contents, and in the process of learning its contents, you must take stringent cognitive tests to prove you have retained the knowledge of the subject.

You must go through heartache and be patient that joy is on the other side of sorrow with spiritual fuel.

Once you have learned how to utilize your fuel sources, you can face any challenge because you have the fuel to do it.

Next time you think about quitting life.

Remember, you are just burning fuel, and once the negative fuel is gone, the positive fuel will carry you through to the finish line.