Pressure Relief

The truth about the keys to success is that they’re already in your pocket.

The visions that were once so foggy are crystal clear to me now.

All feelings of doubt have disappeared, and now I’m the person I want to be.

I don’t feel the pressure to succeed or excel in life. Now I just excel and succeed naturally.

My past stresses are nothing but vague memories.

My mind is clear and locked on my goal; my eyes are opened to see the big picture.

I’m no longer carrying the world on my shoulders because I’m not of this world.

The mental chains around me are now broken, and these barriers that once looked like mountains are now molehills.

I used to lose sleep because I felt like time was running out on me.

Now I can’t sleep because I’m too excited to rest. Every rep in the gym is a step forward.

I don’t strive to be the best for glory, honor, or respect. I do it because I’m breathing.