Realizations of a King VII

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In my 8 plus years as a fitness instructor, and 20 years as an athlete I always have strived for the perfect body. My time in the gym has led me to notice certain things. For example, when most people hit the gym they train to have what is called a “God Body”. This term is usually used to refer to the body types of the Greek Gods such as Zeus, and the Greek Heroes such as Hercules and Achilles. But what about Jesus? Jesus was not a scrawny man like the one portrayed on every crucifix because he was a carpenter.  Carpenters were not weak. They built houses and other buildings as a trade with little to no equipment, and minimal man power.  Imagine carrying loads of bricks around all day and stacking them together to build your home. Your strength and endurance would increase in a matter of weeks. In biblical times their careers were not chosen based on education they were chosen based on what you naturally were good at. This realization led me to believe that Jesus had to have been ripped.  He probably could've out benched and out squatted most people in the gym now days because his trade involved him to pick up and carry heavy things consistently for hours at a time. This doesn't include all the walking he did, so cardio wasn't an issue either. Carpenter strength is the term that represents all the physical traits of Jesus. As well as a builder of homes he also built souls through his preaching, and at the end of his life the sacrifice for all our sins built the homes for all of us in heaven. Next time you hit the gym try to achieve carpenter strength. This type of strength is not limited to just being able to lift as much as possible, but it mentally physically prepares you to master the weight room like it was a skilled trade instead of a hobby.

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