Speak Greatness

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We spend to much time projecting negativity into the world. We need to start spending more time speaking greatness into the world.
It says in the Bible;

“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”
Proverbs 16:24 New International Version

 This means we can do much more with kind words then we can with evil ones. It has been proven that there is power in words. Many people tend to speak success into their own life and not the lives of the people around them. Imagine this. Its a hot day. You and your friends are all standing in an empty pool with buckets of water. You all have two options you can use the water you have in your individual buckets to keep yourself cool, or you can all empty your buckets into the pool and benefit from the water.

Imagine that water is blessings, and you are only limited to the blessings in your bucket. Wouldn't you want to get some more blessings from other buckets? What if your bucket is smaller than everyone else's? Wouldn't you want them to splash some blessings on you?
Take out the water analogy and apply this story to the workplace. If you go to work and simply tell your co worker. "You are doing great today". "You are going to get promoted for sure". What do you think that does to your coworker’s psyche? It makes them feel good. Now that feeling will spread to another co worker, then another, then another, until your entire department is spreading greatness to the point where the company is becoming great. 
This process is called creating an "environment of blessings", and that environment can only be created by stepping away from speaking greatness upon yourself and start speaking greatness into other people's lives. 

What goes around comes around. Let your boomerang be filled with greatness.


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