Book Recommendations: Super Brain by Deepaka Chopra MD, Rudolph E. Tanzi PhD

Book Recommendations

Super Brain by Deepaka Chopra MD, Rudolph E. Tanzi PhD

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Super Brain is a book I stumbled upon while I was searching through Audible to find an ebook to listen to during my workouts. This book enlightened me to change the way I think about areas of my life such as doubt, being forgetful and how far I could push my brain. After reading I had a greater understanding of the power of my brain and how unlimited my brain power could be.

Here are some highlight from the book:

"Understanding the brain is like taking a stethoscope and placing it on the outside of the astrodome to understand the game of football."

"Your brain is your gateway to your future and you will not know the limits of your brain until you test them."

"The brain can recover and heal from damage. Are ability to re wire are brains remain intact from birth to the end of life. "

"The brain contain stem cells that can mature into new brain cells. "

"The brain is not hard wired and exposing yourself to new experiences can help re wire the brain."

Wisdom: "Renewing itself in the moment.
Memory: "Finding fresh life."

"Learning a new skill can alter how the brain functions."

"By doing the same thing in a new way we can rewire our brains an improve them."

"Aging does not affect the brain. You cannot be set in your ways. You just dont want to learn anymore. We get too secure in what we know as we get older. "

"For most old people, not all the music slows down. What's most important is that we not walk off the dance floor."

"One cannot remember, what one never learned."

"You are not your brain, you are much more."

"New brain neurons grew due to physical exercise and stimulating surroundings."

"Exercising everyday promotes the growth of new nerve cells."

Primitive reactions:
• Fear
• Anger
• Jealousy
• Aggression
"In the brain energy flows where awareness goes."

"Fear freezes the mind."

"No such thing as memory loss just learning loss."

"You dont lose your memory you just didnt learn the thing you were trying to remember well enough."

Babies approach to world
3 strengths
• Communicating
• Staying Balanced
• Seeing the big picture

What we are plaqued by as Adults
3 obstacle
• Isolation
• Conflict
• Repression

"The brain is a computer made of meat."

"Happiness is hard to obtain and even harder to explain."

This book is a "must read" or for Audible users a "must listen".

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