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Money should never be a barrier for people to get in shape. That’s why Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness offers free workouts and an affordable live class program. Fitness is so important to your mental, spiritual, and of course physical health that everyone should have easy access to it. 

With that being said, operating a business is costly, but as long as people are willing to support the business, ANY business can be successful. Giving a tip (any amount) helps Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness grow.

All revenue generates from tips go to ensuring that Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness can continue to provide free workouts and maintain an affordable virtual training service. 

All tips go directly to:

  • Website expenses
  • Legal costs (insurance, music licensing, online security, and taxes)
  • Equipment expenses (weights, camera, lights, etc.)
  • Black owned apparel and products used in all fitness videos (this is especially important to me because I believe strongly in the circulation of black dollars.)

You can tip through:$FasterStrongerWiser

Once again, any amount is welcomed, and if you can’t tip its ok. Fitness isn’t about money its about getting in shape. As long as you continue to watch the workout videos, and challenge yourself to the routines, the fact that you are allowing Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness to a part of your fitness journey is payment enough.  

Thank you for your support and continue to strive to be Faster Stronger Wiser every day.

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