The 3 AK’s of Wisdom

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The AK 47 is known as one of the most reliable rifles in the world. Wisdom is an artillery of knowledge that prepares you for any and every mental battle. Knowledge is ammunition that fuels wisdom. The more knowledge you gain the more overall wisdom you will have.

The 3 AK's of Wisdom are concepts to gather, understand, and utilize knowledge to become a wiser person.

AK #1: Acquire Knowledge

AK-47 of Wisdom #1

 Acquiring knowledge can be as simple as reading about something or listening to a new fact that was unknown to you. Acquiring knowledge is the precursor to becoming wiser because you must first learn before you can teach. As a personal trainer, I had to learn about sets, reps, tempo, different muscles groups, and how to work them, as well as thousands of exercise variations. I had to acquire this knowledge for me to be able to have the wisdom to teach another person how to get in shape. Acquiring knowledge is the first step to gaining wisdom.

AK#2: Accept Knowledge

AK 47 of Wisdom #2

 Accepting knowledge is more important than acquiring knowledge. You cannot learn anything that you don't believe in, so any knowledge that you acquire that isn’t accepted cannot be used. Information must be absorbed to be utilized much like a sponge must be able to absorb soap and water to be used to clean dirty dishes. Remember your mind is like a sink filled with dirty dishes (negative thoughts, unnecessary facts, and bad memories). Accepting knowledge such as positive thoughts, good habits, and happy memories will allow you to cleanse out any negativity that is occurring in your mind.  Accepting knowledge allows you to go on to the next AK much easier and it will put you on the fast track to gaining wisdom.

AK#3: Apply Knowledge

AK 47 of Wisdom #3

 Applying knowledge is the most important AK of the three AK’s. Applying knowledge is using the knowledge you acquired and accepted and applying it to a situation that will help develop wisdom. Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. Wisdom can only be gained by successfully completing all three of these AK's. Treat wisdom like a gun collection. The first AK is a bronze gun, the second is a silver gun, and the third is a golden gun. They all have the same power, and function but they differ in value based on the material they are made of. Acquiring knowledge, and accepting knowledge are important, but applying knowledge is the most important process when it comes to gaining wisdom.

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