The Elephants in the Sand Prayer

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Thank you Lord for guiding us on our paths. Even though we may not know where they lead, we trust that they will lead us to victory in life. Thank you Lord for being an Elephant in the Sand. An elephant in the sand leaves deep foot prints that are easy to track and follow. Lord thank you for leaving deep footprints that guide us through the deserts of life. Deep footprints that may cause us to stumble, but only so that we can be reminded to follow the route you set forth for us.  Deep footprints that serve as refuge from the storms that occur in life. Deep foot prints that allow us to grow as we step closer and closer to your glory.

Lord for the men, help us to become elephants in the sand. Allow our footprints to be so deep that they cannot be filled with the negativity from the storms of life;

The storms of debt

The storms of illness

The storms of doubt

As we grow Lord allow us to develop the necessary attributes to lead our families down the right path.

Lord help us to be great providers.

Lord help us to be great protectors.

And most important Lord help us to remain present.  

In Jesus name I pray.



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