Your Word

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It says in the Bible that God created the heavens and the earth with his word. Jesus healed people and performed other miracles with his word. A man's word is what makes him a man. Keeping your word builds trust. Words are used to motivate, comfort, encourage, protect, and bring peace. Wars begin and end with words. The greatest tool in life that we have been given is our words. How we use our words determines what happens in our life. We can change anything in life if we speak it and believe it. It’s said when liars lie enough they start believing their own lies. Then why can't we do that with our dreams? If we speak about a dream long enough, we will believe it will come true. Right?


In Mark 11:23 of the Bible it says, "If anyone says to the mountain go throw yourself into the sea, and does not doubt in heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him"

That's proof that anything you say, you can do. We just need to start using the right words to get the job done. In sports the difference between the winning and losing team is the pre-game speech. Coaches win not by strategy alone but by the words they use to motivate their team. Great champions know how to motivate themselves by talking to themselves. Great warriors are the ones that go into battle saying that no matter what they are coming out alive. I believe you can do anything you say can do. I remember a basketball game where we were down by 15pts with 5:32 left to play. My teammate told me "I think we can win this game", I told him "No. We are going to win this game." We won the game by one point. This is a just an example of how words can make an impact. Although you must believe in the words you say for them to have an impact, just saying them enough can make you believe them. Words spark belief. The crazy thing about all religious text is that they essentially have the same message just in different words. Most all of history's memorable icons were great speakers. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X's dreams would have never come true or made a difference if they weren't spoken to the world. They say close mouths don't get fed, so start saying your prayers out loud so God can feed your spirit.


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