Chapter Five: A New World

My recent successes did nothing but prepare me for the next level in life. I wrote books based on my philosophies related to training and a revised version of my Hero Training Program, which was the compilation of all of my workout programs over the last ten years. I was a father now, and I knew that there would be a time where I would need to pass my knowledge down to my daughter. This revelation meant that I had to get organized and fast.  

Workout Mix #27 | A New Motivation

July 27, 2018, my world changed. My daughter Gabriella was born, and now everything I did and would do in life had to be for the benefit of her future. This meant that I had to organize all of my thoughts and document them in a way that could be explained to her. I also wanted to leave a legacy for her, so I decided to create a book that contained all of my teachings based on the lessons I learned in life. I gave myself a deadline to finish this book. August 5, 2025. My 40th Birthday.

Workout Mix #28 | Welcome to My World

My mind works differently than most trainers. I see every workout as a story, and although I tend to train alone, I have an inner voice that guides me through my routines and delivers ideas into my mind to help me write my motivational content. This video shows the interactions between me and my inner voice.

Workout Mix #29 | Are you a Lion, Wolf, or a Sheep?

COVID 19 was starting. 24 Hour Fitness closed down and placed ourentire team on leave of absence—no job security. The world was in a panic, and I had a family to take care of. I was in this same position in 2012 (minus the global pandemic). I was up late one night watching an interview with comedian Ali Siddiq. He spoke about the mentality you needed to have to survive prison, and he led with the question, "Are you a Lion, A Wolf, or a Sheep?" This was the perfect question for me to ask myself in this challenging time.

Was I going to man up and make it happen with my brand Faster Stronger Wiser as my weapon?

Was I going to join the fight with 24 Hour Fitness and continue to fight to reopen gyms by voicing my union with the company? Or was I going to sit back and wait with the rest of the world in fear of the sky falling?

I chose option 1: Faster Stronger Wiser

I invested more money into my brand. I opened up virtual classes for anyone who wanted to join. I invested hours creating workout videos and honing my editing skills. I began to update all my books. I focus my time on motivating and inspiring people to stay healthy throughout the tumultuous times we were experiencing. I decided to invest in my education as a leader and fitness professional so that when these times ended, I would be better than I was before they started.

Protection Declaration | Motivational words to get you through a tough time.

In the midst of all of the fear being released in the world, I made this declaration to myself and chose to apply it to my household. The goal of this declaration is to help fortify your mind and spirit.

Psalms 140:4

Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent man; who have purposed to overthrow my goings.

Write this scripture on every doorway of your home.

In these challenging times, we need to take it upon ourselves to protect our families. We tend to rely on earthly weapons instead of the spiritual weapons provided for us.

Instead of letting fear enter our homes and our hearts, let's let faith in. Dropping to your knees in defeat does nothing but allow the enemy to step on your back and attack whoever is behind you.

Therefore we need to fortify our homes and hearts by using our greatest spiritual weapon. Faith.

Have faith that things will get better.

Have faith that after the storm is over, we will be stronger than before.

Have faith that this battle is just one of many that will make us stronger protectors for our children.

Life ain't over yet. Keep on living.

Workout Mix #30 | Face the Future

The future was uncertain for us all. We needed to face what was coming up next, although we were all uncertain about what the future would hold. This would be the time were new leadership would emerge. The question I asked myself is, will I be ready when it was my time to lead?


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