Chapter Three: Developing my craft.

I realized that I was a gifted trainer and athlete. I had been plagued with the saying "jack of all trades and master of none" my entire life. Then I realized that fitness was one trade and anything related to getting faster or stronger physically was part of my work. I now had to master this trade and develop my skillset to the point where I would be the master of my craft.


Workout Mix #13: Working Towards the Dream

It was time to refocus my energy on what was important. I let basketball sidetrack me, and it ended up costing me two years of training that could have brought me one step closer to becoming a pro-Spartan Racer. My training became an old school. I stopped training in the gym and moved my training to a garage with my two friends Rob and Eric. My training became more unconventional and aggressive. I was in a zone that was necessary for me to reach my goal. I just had to maintain that intensity.

Workout Mix #14 | Self Mastery

I was focusing on nothing but fitness at this time. This focus landed me the position of fitness manager at 24 Hour Fitness Pasadena. Ironically was the gym started as a personal trainer.  I was trying new workouts; I was mentoring new trainers. I was finding my niche in the fitness world.

My success as a trainer and Manager caught my district manager's attention. He asked me to take the role of Fitness Manager at 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood, which was another club I worked at as a personal trainer. This transition to another gym was a massive change from my comfortable position as the Fitness Manager of  Pasadena Active. I t was stressful, and at times I am contemplating quitting the job, but the time I spent at this location helped me to remain focused on my goals despite any obstacle. I was suffering failures left and right. I didn't get picked for American Ninja Warrior again, and I couldn't afford to run Spartan Races due to my money's mismanagement. I was learning how to grow up. Thank God I could work at a gym to use my love of fitness to work out my problems. These next few videos showcase my dedication to training as I started to put together more workout programs to push me past my limits.

Workout Mix #15 | Titan Workout

Workout Mix #16 | Freestylin

Workout Mix #17 | An Unlikely Hero

In my time at Hollywood, I realized how important leadership was to become a good trainer. I had multiple mentors along my journey, and I was now able to lead younger trainers down a path to becoming master fitness professionals. This was the first time I had to be an actual leader and not just the group's most outspoken person. These lessons proved to be the most beneficial for my life because I was solely presented with the news that my wife was pregnant.

Workout Mix #18 | Levitate

I chose to return to 24 Hour Pasadena, which was pretty much demoting myself. The club was much smaller, and how I left 24 Hour Fitness, Hollywood set me on track to be out of the company in six months. I had gotten into verbal altercations with multiple managers, and now I was the district's black sheep. I had to change. I had to switch my mindset and humble myself. I t wasn't about me anymore, but my wife and daughter who was on the way.

Workout Mix #19 | "Last Breath."

The movie Creed was released, and this movie changed how I looked at life. Creed was the continuation of the Rocky franchise, and it focused on the story of Apollo Creed's estranged son becoming a boxer just like his father. I had dabbled in acting a bit. I did background work on shows like "Insecure" and "Unsolved." I played the coach in a student film, which was my first movie ever. The song "Last Breath" was my favorite song from the soundtrack, and that song became the background music to a lot of my workouts.

Workout Mix #20 | Thankful

My circumstances were changing for the best. My wife and I decided to move into a more prominent place, I was back teaching again at 24 Hour Fitness after months of being sidelined due to old beefs with managers, and I led my gym to be a big-time player in our district. I even acquired my Body Pump certification, a certification that had been plaguing me for years. This accomplishment was one that solidified my role as an elite group exercise instructor. At the time, my general manager referred me to the Spartan SGX program, and this year, I would acquire my Spartan Group Exercises certification. One day, I browsed through Instagram and came across the song "Thankful" by DJ Suede, The Remix God. I felt like this was the perfect song for this time in my life.

Workout Mix #21| "No Off Season."

The Bonecollector called me out of the blue one day. He had suffered a horrible injury during his last season in Ball Up. We grew up in the same city, and he was my elder on the basketball court. My reputation as a trainer grew to a level where I was recognized as a person who can get you in fantastic shape no matter what the circumstance was. The Bonecollector hired me to train him to get back in shape and go beyond his current abilities. We trained for over six months, and in this time, I realized how iron sharpens iron. I learned the mental side of basketball from him, and he knew how to improve his fitness level. We trained at all hours of the night, and we honestly had no offseason.

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