Chapter Two: Transform and Transition

Transformation is more than just a physical transformation, but mental and spiritual as well.

Workout Mix #7 | Transformation

I was in decent shape, but not in the shape I needed to make a difference. If you wonder what kind of shape that is, it's a physical, mental, and spiritual shape required to meet the goals I set for myself. At this time, I was still designing my workout programs and figuring out which one worked the best. I made substantial progress, but there was still more work to do.

Workout Mix #8 | "Fight for it."

I was doing well as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood. I was up for a management position when my boss got promoted. I saw the team that we had diminishing. Two more of my mentors left the following month. This was the last straw for me. I went 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood to train at 24 Hour Fitness Burbank. I made this move to work with my old boss, who was recently promoted to that location. While in Burbank, I started to write all of my workouts down. I started training harder and more efficiently. An opportunity to teach boxing opened up at Title Boxing Club Pasadena. I jumped on it. Boxing had always been a dream of mine, and since I was too old to start a boxing career, teaching was the next best thing for me. This was also the year I made the most significant transition in my life and married the love of my life.

2015 Los Angeles Fitness Expo | My Introduction to Fitness Legend Kali Muscle

The year was 2015; I was a newly married man. I ended up leaving 24 Hour Fitness for the second time due to a general manager who had no respect for his team. I was doing well as a boxing instructor, and a good friend of mine suggested I try out for American Ninja Warrior. I agree with his suggestion and recorded a submission video. To my surprise, I was picked!

I did well on the course but didn't advance to the next round. This experience woke me up to a new world of fitness. This year I started a campaign to complete 1 million pull-ups in a year. I called it "Pull Up Year" It was an effort to create a fitness challenge on social media that didn't go over well. This year was also the year I attended my first fitness expo, where I met Kali Muscle. A fitness legend.

Workout Mix #9

I was teaching group exercise classes full time now. A small gym named City Athletix hired me as a spin instructor, and that opened the door to my true passion for fitness, which was teaching classes. During this period, my life things were going well. I worked three jobs; I was a stocker at Target, a spin instructor at City Athletix, and a boxing instructor at Title Boxing Club. I wasn't making great money, but it was enough to get by.

The Hard Work Prayer

Life was getting better; at this time, I was attending church more often. My faith had been the key to my success in fitness and life. Prayer has gotten me through the most challenging workouts, and I still use it to get me through all the workouts in my future. My favorite scripture to meditate on is Proverbs 14:23

"All hard work leads to a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. "

In the fitness world, profit is progress (muscle gain, increased performance, and weight loss), and poverty is being out of shape in any form or fashion. This prayer is one I use before every workout to keep me motivated and to work hard. 

Hard Work Prayer

Lord, thank you for giving me the opportunity to push my body past its limits. Guide me through every rep of this workout as I strive to increase my performance and build my strength. Watch over my muscles, joints, bones, tendons, and organs, and keep them safe as I take on this routine. Keep me focus to stick with the routine from beginning to end and allow my body to gain the most from every exercise as I challenge myself to be better than my best.

In Jesus name, I pray,


Workout Mix #10 | "Keep it Moving."

At this time in my life, training was going well; I gained experience from boxing, spinning, gym management, and learning to be a husband. I left Target and went back to 24 Hour Fitness again. This time I was a sales advisor. I was content with life. I even was granted an opportunity to teach spin at 24 Hour Fitness twice a week. My workouts were based on boxing training and mitt drills that I used to train my students. I was very content with a life that was becoming an issue that will sneak up on me later.

Workout Mix #11| Become Great

I was good at a lot of things, but I was great at nothing. I could teach classes; I could train people one on. I was a good salesman, but I wasn't a standout in any of the three areas. My wife and I were trying to change our living situation, and my income was not enough to speed that along. I would have to break out of my content lifestyle and get a little uncomfortable if I wanted to become more than what I was.

Workout Mix #12 | I Tried

Failure. A common theme in my life. Most people would be depressed if everything they attempted they failed at. Me, on the other hand, has an insane sense of determination. I will continue to try something until I master it. At this point in my life, basketball was over. I hadn't played in years. I couldn't get back into the American Ninja Warrior tournament, and I was just denied a management position at Title Boxing Club. 

All I could say was, "I Tried."

2017 Los Angeles Fit Expo |Ultimate Ninja Obstacle Course Competition

Tensions between the owner of Title Boxing Club and I boiled over when he refused to make me the General Manager of the location. I felt that I was doing a lot of work to bring in business to the place, and my work was proven. This didn't matter to him. He wanted to save on labor, and paying me a salary would be an unnecessary expense for him. A good friend of mines at 24 Hour Fitness recommended I apply for Fitness Manager. My wife and I just moved into a new apartment where our rent was tripled what we were paying. This seems crazy, but if you saw our living situation, you would understand. I agreed to apply for the job, and to my surprise, I got the job!

I still had high hopes of becoming an American Ninja Warrior Champion, so in 2017 I took on the American Ninja Warrior course at the Los Angeles Fit Expo. After a rigid showing, my boy Rob told me I had to focus my training on one thing if I wanted to excel at it.

2017 Las Vegas Spartan Sprint

Up until this point, I hadn't focused my energy on Spartan Racing. I allowed distractions to get in my way. This race made me remember why I started training. My goal was to be a professional Spartan Racer. This was a goal I set after basketball back in 2012 when I ran my first race. The Spartan Race sparked a new type of training regimen for me, and it was a massive influence on how I designed my workouts. After this race, I knew I to take training more seriously.

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