Realizations of a King III (Believe in Your Dreams)

Have we forgotten the importance of our dreams?

Dreams aren't just thoughts that you have to get you through the night. They hold the answers to the questions we have in life, and they can lead us to the solutions to all our problems.

The people who have changed the world saw their actions in a dream first.  Dreams are why we have new technology, and they are responsible for the cure of diseases.

You've heard the phrase "the stuff dreams are made of" well, that's the stuff success is made of, and success starts with having faith in your dreams.  A lot of people struggle with the question of what they are placed in this world to do. I know many people climb out of bed every morning and drag themselves to a job they hate. They do it to support their families, themselves, climb out of debt, or avoid being broke.

 Most people get so content with a steady paycheck that they live their whole lives based on their pay date.  Most careers are chosen based on how much that job pays, and the school has gotten so expensive that you need to major in a field that pays well to avoid being in debt. 

A lot of people have stopped believing in their dreams. They put limits on what they can do based on the barriers society has created. You have dreams to have a blueprint of what you are supposed to do to break through these barriers.

Dreams are the one place where God can reach you uninterrupted by the distractions of everyday life.

Dreams are where you get that first glimpse of the mountaintop.

That's the truth behind hearing someone say, "God will show you the way." Isn't it amazing that you can find the answer to a stressful life problem in your dream, or have a love of your life's face shown to you before you ever meet that person?

Anything is possible in your dreams. We don't dream for no reason; we do it to get the wisdom more significant. 

Many of us don't dream anymore, so we set goals based on what we think we want in life. We see money, cars, and houses, and we unconsciously plant seeds in our heads that these are the things we need to strive for.

When you ignore your dreams, you overlook the greatness in yourself. Dreams are what make people set the bar high for the next generation. They are what make heroes become legends. They are what kings are made of.

 It's not a coincidence that Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech that changed the world started with,


 "I had a dream today …"

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