Realizations of a King IX: Be Positive for No Reason

I was a negative person for a long time, and I walked around with a massive chip on my shoulder. My days of getting cut from the basketball team n high school and college to the days of not getting promotions at work that I felt I deserved caused me to be extremely bitter. I became toxic emotionally and physically. This forced me to have to change my life. I chose to focus on being a more positive person, and I knew that I would have to be positive for no reason. The way I trained myself to achieve this was to get excited about other people s success. I figured if I could get excited about my favorite sports team winning a championship, I could have that same energy when my friends get promoted or married or experience any form of success in their life. Getting excited about other people's success builds a culture of positivity that will affect everyone involved.

You cant develop this mindset overnight. There is a process to it, and with the advancement in technology that we have now. It is much easier to spread positivity.

These are the steps that I created to help you become positive for no reason.
Before you Begin: Grab a Notebook to track your progress. You can also use the note app on your smartphone.

Step One: Text 5 people- This is the faster=st form of communication for most of us nowadays, and it's easy to send five positive text messages in the first 5 minutes of your day. They can be short and sweet, for example, "I want to wish you a great day." Or they can be more personal.

Step Two: Email 5 people- The same concept applies to text, except this version allows you to be a little more detailed. I would include family members and co-workers, but don't confuse positivity with butt kissing. The messages should aim to inspire a smile, not a promotion.

Step Three: Call five people- This step is problematic because it requires a bit o effort. A verbal message is just as powerful as a written one, and you never know who may need to hear something good.

Step Four: Speak to 5 people- Talking in person is a lost art because it makes us give fake smiles and fake conversation by overcoming our social anxiety and getting rid of our virtual crutch. Telling five people something positive in person can make more giant waves than the first three methods.

Step Five: Social media contact five people- This is probably the most accessible way of communication for everyone nowadays and allows us to expand our positivity reach beyond our immediate surroundings. Post a comment on five people's pages with something positive. This has benefits that can also help you as a social media influencer, but that shouldn't be the primary goal.

Last. Track your messages every day. Please keep them in a journal and look back on them daily. Print them out if you saved them on your smartphone. It's ok if you don't get all messages completed. The key is to put in the effort to create a culture of positivity. That culture starts with you, and once you have made it, the power of being positive will change your life.

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