Realizations of a King: The Role of a King

What is the role of a King?

Kings have multiple roles. They must be leaders, builders, lawmakers, peacekeepers, warriors, and role models. There is a reason for that saying heavy is the head that wears the crown. Nowadays, everyone wants to be a king. With the birth of the social media era, people live to be followed, but what people fail to realize is that everyone who follows you doesn't always have your best intentions in mind.

People will hate you. They will follow for the sole purpose of seeing you fail, and as a king, you must figure out how you will deal with this hatred. Here is how you deal with it.

Don't waste your time addressing the negativity in your life. We have been born into a world of negativity created by envy and dishonor. We aren't designed to be this way. We are just born into a world where these concepts are fed into our minds daily. The term "hater" is used to describe anyone who mindlessly downplays and disrespects others' achievements. The worst part about haters is that they are fueled by the people who hate them.

What does this mean? It means that most people who become haters were positive people who spent too much time addressing people who did not like them instead of finding that inner motivation that blocks out all external distractions. 

Hate is self-fueling, but you can overcome hate by eliminating it out of yourself.

The ability to eliminate hate out of yourself allows you to control your emotions and view the world from all angles. That is a trait that every King must possess. To lead people, you must understand what fuels them, and if that is fuel is hate, you can count your days as King because they will be numbered.

Kings are the most beloved people, and the most hated people at the same time. In this day and age, they are hated more than loved. The saying "Kings are born, not made" is all too real. It takes a king to realize that you must do what is necessary and not what is convenient. You must be able to succeed amid jealousy and ridicule.

To be successful as a king, it would help if you recognized success comes with a price. You must be the one to hold on to your beliefs, even when everyone around you has sold their soul.

Many people who have reached success make the mistake of dedicating their success to people who hated them. I don't understand why you would address the people who didn't believe in you. Why would you give them the satisfaction of having a part in your glory? Kings do not address haters because they are beneath them. You cannot lead people when you are sidetracked by those who do not want to be led. Don't waste energy rubbing your success in the face of those who doubted you, but spend that energy opening the path for those who want to follow you.

The primary job of a king is to lead. Some people may not realize they are kings because they are surrounded by negativity. These are the type of people who respect everyone and look for the good instead of the bad in life. These people are the ones who can see the mountain top but have an obstructed pathway there.

Your job as a king is to hold your light up high and keep it bright so the kings that follow you can have an easier time getting to the top of the mountain.


Kings open paths to success and clear the debris out of the kings' paths that will follow them.

Once you've realized you are a king, you must understand the role of a king; you must realize that you're going to be ridiculed, envied, attacked repeatedly, and overall hated.

Despite all of this, remember that you are also going to be loved and respected. The people who love and respect you are all that matters. They are the cornerstones of your kingdom, and to build a kingdom, you must understand your role as a king is to find these people, inspire these people, and then lead these people.


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