Realizations of a King V: Strong Enough For Success

It says in Isaiah 40:31, "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint."

This scripture saved my life. I spent eight years of my life chasing my dream. I did every drill and went to every tryout I could. I spent more hours practicing than sleeping, relying on quotes like "I'll sleep when I'm dead" to carry me through.

Over those eight years, I let my dream turn into an obsession, and I lost sight of why I started my path in the first place. I became more and more selfish over the years, and I let my mind get corrupted. I began to exhaust myself, thinking that I just needed to fight through my problems instead of merely leaping over them. I let the freight trains of negativity hit me head-on, and although I had the strength to keep going, I lost momentum with every blow.

 I eventually slowed to a crawl as I battled a dislocated knee for two years. I realize now that I was trying to do the right things for the wrong reasons. I know that a king's job must be selfless.

You must put the kingdom before the man that wears the crown if your goal is for prosperity. A leader puts himself last because his only goal is to clear a path for his followers. I got caught up in the negativity of life and sought to prove that I can succeed under any circumstance instead of opening a new door to success.

Thankfully, I'm blessed. God knocked me down so that I can look up and see clearly. He sidetracked me purposely so that I could get back on the right track. Once I got back to the roots of why I picked up that basketball in the first place, I remember that it's just a game. The game became fun again, and now I can finally be myself also. The person that everyone needed me to be.

You must be strong enough for success, so success does not make you weak.

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