Realizations of a King VIII: No Need to Do It Alone

Some men view marriage as "hanging up their jersey" or "putting the shackles on." They see it as an end to a life of fun.

Some women look at marriage as a "come up" or a solution to their problems.

Honestly, marriage is just two people deciding to take on the obstacles of life together instead of going at it alone. It says in Matthew 18:19, "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.

So why waste time being single and not getting results when you can have someone in your corner that can accompany you to your success?

A good woman is like going to war with the whole world with unlimited ammo and impenetrable armor.

 I mean that. We were not designed to take on this world alone, and no matter how successful we are by ourselves, we would be that much more successful with someone by our side. People sometimes get confused by the statement, "all I need is GOD." Although it is true, there is more to this truth.

 We do not have a direct connection with GOD like we would another person. That is why God wants us to be linked together so he can use us to speak his wisdom.

Your spouse can always tell you something to benefit you, whether it is criticism or encouragement. Either way, your spouse is there for your life's overall progress because your success is their success.

 Now I know that finding a person to stand by your side through anything seems hard. But is it really, or are we just distracted by the temporary fun we have being single?

Even if you go out with a different person every night and never sleep alone, can you truly benefit from those people? Can they help you reach your full potential? Will you honestly tell them all your secrets, fears, dreams?

Of course, not. Instead of wasting time maintaining dead-end relationships, why not spend time building a prosperous marriage?

Invest in someone that will help you eliminate your fears and make your dreams come true.

Trust me. It's worth it.



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