Realizations of a King XI: Don't Let Your Ideas Die

This note was written during the 2020 COVID Pandemic, and the entire world was shut down for nearly the whole year. One day I was taking a walk with my daughter, and I wondered why people let ideas die in their heads?

Right now is the time to reveal your ideas to the world. Write that book you were thinking of, create that movie, record that song. Explore every idea you have and get it out of your head.

Unexplored ideas don't just die. They rot in your mind, and when a person has a mind full of rotting ideas they become toxic. They become bitter and jealous of people because of the disappointment they have in themselves for not exploring their ideas. These people usually become unsuccessful, and they will start trying to tear down others.

By exploring your ideas and not letting them die in your mind, you leave no stone unturned in your head, and you develop clarity in your mind and spirit, which leads to calmness and peace in your life.

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