Realizations of a King XII: Create A Talent Investment Account (T.I.A)

What is a Talent investment Account?

It is similar to having a rich aunt who saves money to do things you are good at.

How do you create a Talent Investment Account?

First, you must find what your talent is. Now talent is different from skill. You're good at a skill; a talent is something that you are good at and passionate about.

For example, a musician who is a master at playing an instrument, but doesn't want to make music, such as a person who works as a back up piano player for a famous musician, has no interest in a music career. Music is just a job, not a career.

Now let's break down an investment account. An investment account is a bank account that you put money in to invest in stocks and bonds so that your money can increase over time. The money you put into the account is similar to your skill, and the way you invest your money is your talent.

Now that you have an understanding of talent and a talent investment account.

How do you create a Talent Investment Account?

Step One: Find your Talent

What is something that you are very good at but don't do for a living?

For example, everyone has you cook because you cook all the best food, but you aren't a chef for a living. You work at a grocery store. Cooking is your talent, but you are reducing it down to being just a skill. You should be making money off this talent and not just letting it be a skill that is part of your other skills' repertoire. This leads to step two.

Step Two: Record your Talents to ensure that you have a database for future generations to prosper off of your work.

I was two years old when my Father passed away. It wasn't until 33 years later when I found out how talented he was. My mother told me stories, but hearing it from the people closest to him meant much more because the stories were told in great detail.

I have a daughter that looks up to me, and I don't want her to hear about my talent from second-hand sources. That's why I record everything. To create a talent account that my daughter can pull from when she wants inspiration on what she should do in her life.

The world should have to provide this for my daughter when her mother and I are with her every day.

Back to the question.

How do you create a Talent Investment Account?

Record all of your talents. Write music, poems, movies, books. Draw pictures. Record songs. Document any and everything you are good at and save it. You never know what good these works can do for the world in the future. Much like gold started as a shiny rock and then became one of the most valuable forms of currency globally, your talent is like undiscovered gold. It's worth nothing until it is recognized by someone who finds it valuable. Its your job not to keep buried and let it shine for the world to see.  

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