The Faster Stronger Wiser Journey

Everyone has a story, and it's up to you to tell it. My life is a quest for continued self-progression. I have been through numerous failures, and after each one, I learned a new lesson. My life had been one big obstacle race up until the creation of this book. One day, I woke up, looked back on my failures and accomplishments, and realized that I had a story to tell. The fitness industry is full of stories of weight loss journeys and overcoming adversity. The sports world loves a good ole' rags to riches story. This wasn't my story. I thrived in fitness and sports my entire life, and I didn't have to go through an extreme weight loss journey or crawl through the slums of life. I wasn't poor. I wasn't rich. I wasn't fat. I wasn't disabled. I was someone who had to grind—no excuses, simply hard work. My story is about challenging myself daily, breaking through mental barriers, overcoming physical obstacles, and stumbling multiple times on my spiritual path. Other people write most biographies, and personal stories become interpreted to fit the culture or paint a different picture of the person who lived them. That's why I decided to write my own story in my own words and solidify my legacy.
This is my story.