FSW #2: The Black Panther Workout

This routine was inspired by workouts that I used in my fitness class. I am also a HUGE Black Panther fan. The Black Panther Workout is a routine based on the Marvel Superhero "Black Panther" 's athleticism. There are scenes from the movie trailers used in this video, but this is not an official Marvel Studios video. I am not associated with Marvel Studios. This video was fan-made strictly for entertainment and fitness purposes. This workout was created by certified personal trainer Glenn Payne. The workout contains H.I.I.T (high-intensity interval training) circuits that focus on floor work and plyometrics.

This a very intense routine. Perform at your own risk! Here is the breakdown of the entire workout.

Block #1: Floor Work

4x25 (4 Sets 25 Reps Each)


Exercise #1: Panther Push-Ups to Jump

Exercise #2: Mountain Climbers

Exercise #3: Clap Push-Ups

Exercise #4: Flying Push-Ups



Block #2: Plyometrics

4x25 (4 Sets 25 Reps Each)



Exercise #1: Squat Hops

Exercise #2: Burpee to Jumping Jacks

Exercise #3: Run in Place


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